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Sep 02 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Dr. E. Calvin Beisner

I’d never heard of Dr. E. Calvin Beisner until reading this article. He’s the founder of an anti-environmental Christian think tank. And he says the people protesting the Keystone XL pipeline at the White House are making the baby Jesus cry: In addition, according to Beisner, the religious protestors are acting contrary to the religion …

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Sep 01 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Frank Turek

I hate motivational speakers. Hate them with a disgust that borders on unhealthy. Tony Robbins is pretty much the definition of evil to me. I once got fired from a company for making fun of a motivational speaker they brought in to fire everyone up. The fact that I did it during his speech and …

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Aug 31 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Linda Harvey

This one is a real doozy. Wingnut Linda Harvey of Mission America says gay people don’t even exist: Harvey: There’s one big fact that’s not backed up. There is no proof that there’s ever anything like a gay, lesbian or bisexual or transgendered child, or teen or human. One of the other things you’re gonna …

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Aug 17 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Norman Podhoretz

From neo-con founding father Norman Podhoretz: “I emphatically agree with Messrs. Limbaugh and Sowell about this president’s attitude toward America as it exists and as the Founding Fathers intended it. That is why my own answer to the question, “What Happened to Obama?” is that nothing happened to him. He is still the same anti-American …

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Aug 16 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Allen West

This is a two parter. Part one: WEST: You cannot compare me and my race to a behaviour. Sexuality is a behaviour. And so yeah, I said, I cannot change my color. People can change their sexual behavior. And I’ve seen people do that. You know, I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, so I’ve seen …

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Aug 15 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Jim DeMint

While reading this, bear in mind that it comes from a guy who thinks we should forbid pregnant women from being teachers: “We saw within a few days that this President was going to be heavy-handed, he was going to implement his agenda and pay back his political allies, and it just went on from …

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Aug 13 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Bryan Fischer

This one is just funny: Our military strength is a function of our spiritual strength. We can have the strongest and mightiest military in the world in terms of guns and ammunition and tanks and soldiers, but if we are not spiritually strong as a people, we can be defeated, we can and will suffer …

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Aug 11 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Rick Perry

Yet another one from Gov. Rick Perry, explaining what he would pray for at his event last weekend: Perry: I’m gonna be praying for our country’s economic prosperity. There just so many people that can’t take care of their family because government’s over-taxed, over-regulated, over-litigated, it caused roadblocks to economic prosperity. I just don’t see …

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Aug 08 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Robert Spencer

First class whackadoodle Robert Spencer, Pam Geller’s pal, was on the 700 Club recently. And he has the press all figured out: Robertson: Tell me what it is about the media today that seems to be in favor of radical Islam, why do they want to put down anybody who tells the truth about this …

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Aug 07 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Rick Perry

From now on, the dumbass quotes of the day are going to be labeled as Robert O’Brien nominees so I can once again begin giving out my Robert O’Brien Award on a monthly basis. At the end of each month we’ll vote on the idiot of the month. Today’s nominee, from Gov. Rick Perry of …

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Aug 03 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Lou Engle

From lunatic Lou Engle of The Call: Can a homosexual have civil rights in America? They might. But it is not their right given by God. Their right is to repent and stand until Jesus delivers, and then the Church must go into war for them and get them free. Brothers and sisters, we made …

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Aug 02 2011

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Michael Bresciani

From wingnut Michael Bresciani: In our world most of those spreading the gay lie are liberals, activists, spineless academicians, Hollywood sellouts, and now we can throw in a president and a large contingent of fully duped politicians…There is little doubt that the entire gay and lesbian community is guided by a powerful demon spirit who …

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