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Robert O’Brien Nominee: Sher Zieve

If you’re looking for your daily dose of serious right wing insanity, Sher Zieve has you covered. This is so batshit crazy that it would make Glenn Beck cringe: Read more

Robert O’Brien Trophy Nominee: Randall Terry

As batshit crazy as people like Michele Bachmann are, there are actually people who are even crazier. Randall Terry is one of them. Did you know that President Obama supports slavery? He does. Read more

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Peter LaBarbera and Scott Lively

Crazed bigot Peter LaBarbera interviewed even more crazed bigot Scott Lively on his radio show recently and they jointly declared that gay people are desperate to take over society completely so they can force everyone to become gay. Seriously. Read more

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Craige McMillan

As the Occupy Wall Street protests continue, there have been a lot of really stupid things said about them. This one may take the cake. Unsurprisingly, it’s from Craige McMillan, a columnist for the Worldnutdaily, in a column with the headline The Nazi Takeover of America Has Begun. Read more

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Pam Geller

Unhinged lunatic Pam Geller tosses a mean word salad: I’m concerned with the political side of Islam, the sharia, Islamic law, and the left. The left, the battle has always been individualism versus collectivism, people are confounded by the alliance of the überleft and the stealth jihadists and I don’t think it’s surprising at all. We see that the left always adopts whatever totalitarian ideology there is of the day, if it wasn’t Stalinism it was communism, if it wasn’t communism it was national socialism, which was Nazism it was not a far-right but a far-left ideology. What the attraction is in Islam my feeling is that the sharia, Islamic law, is the most, if it’s into the control of the people if that’s what you’re into, then there is no more effective way to control the people, there is no more effective system of governance than the Sharia. I’ll have ranch dressing on mine, please.