Robert O’Brien Nominee: Pam Geller

Unhinged lunatic Pam Geller tosses a mean word salad:

I’m concerned with the political side of Islam, the sharia, Islamic law, and the left. The left, the battle has always been individualism versus collectivism, people are confounded by the alliance of the überleft and the stealth jihadists and I don’t think it’s surprising at all. We see that the left always adopts whatever totalitarian ideology there is of the day, if it wasn’t Stalinism it was communism, if it wasn’t communism it was national socialism, which was Nazism it was not a far-right but a far-left ideology. What the attraction is in Islam my feeling is that the sharia, Islamic law, is the most, if it’s into the control of the people if that’s what you’re into, then there is no more effective way to control the people, there is no more effective system of governance than the Sharia.

I’ll have ranch dressing on mine, please.

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Janet Mefferd

This is a real gem from wingnut talk show host Janet Mefferd:

I think the homosexuality issue is an excuse, I think it’s an excuse. I think it’s an excuse of the pagan mind to begin what they have wanted to do for a very long time and that is to wipe out Christianity. Maybe that’s overstated, maybe I’m being a little bit over the top, but I really don’t think so. I think it’s an excuse. I think it’s the pagan who doesn’t want to hear about sin. I think it’s the pagan who doesn’t want the word of God to be believed by anybody because it’s an offense. And I think homosexuality is the perfect issue for them to use to shut Christians up.

Remember back in the 80s when they called us heathens “secular humanists”? Somewhere in the late 90s, the terminology suddenly changed to “pagan.” All it really means, of course, is “everyone who isn’t us.” And no Janet, it’s not overstated and you’re not a little bit over the top; it’s utterly insane and you’re a world class moron.

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Ellis Washington

This one from the oracle of absurd is particularly amusing:

During the 1700s, America called them Loyalists, humanists, the Enlightened, Jacobins. During the 1880s-1930s, America called them Darwinists, Marxists, populists, secularists, socialists, atheists, progressives. During the red scare of the 1940s and ’50s, America called them socialists, unionists, communists and communist sympathizers. During the 1960s, America called them liberals, baby boomers, hippies, yippies, radicals, anarchists, community organizers, or red diaper doper babies.

During the ’70s, America called them Black Panthers, terrorists, bra-burners, gays, green anarchists, secularists, or simply traitors Whatever one calls members of the Democratic Party coalition, one enduring leitmotiv is crystal clear – those who embraced socialism were all fascists, or at least fascist sympathizers, and their progeny rules today in both parties in all three branches of government – legislative, executive, judiciary.

Yes, of course. Gays, terrorists, secularists, humanists and baby boomers are all the same thing and all fascists. When someone says something that stupid, it really ought to cause physical pain.

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Robert Ringer

This one is a real gem from Robert Ringer of the Worldnutdaily:

But the philosophies of the two sides are now so irreconcilable that a more peaceful solution might be for them just to split the country in half and agree to part ways.

Those who believe in big government could take one half of the country and regulate, tax and redistribute wealth to their heart’s content. Within a few short years, of course, it would become a U.S. version of North Korea, devoid of civil liberties and mired in poverty, but, hey, we all get the government we deserve.

After giving the left first choice, conservatives and libertarians could then take the other half of the country – any half would be just fine – and implement a free-market economy that would be as close to laissez-faire capitalism as possible. In a short period of time, it would become a U.S. version of South Korea (or the U.S. itself in the days of yore), with explosive wealth creation and maximum freedom for its citizens.

That’s what passes for thinking on Planet Wingnuttia.

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Dennis Prager

I imagine this is the sort of moronic pablum that one can expect from Dennis Prager’s “university.”

Ever since I attended college, I have been convinced that either “studies” confirm what common sense suggests or that they are mistaken.

There is, of course, no such thing as common sense. It is nothing more than a vague label used to cover all the things one expects to be true for no apparent reason. And many, perhaps most, of the things that people justify as true by referring to “common sense” are, in fact, entirely wrong.

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Jed Smock

I’d never heard of Jed Smock before a Facebook friend linked to this post. He appears to be a wingnut preacher who travels from college campus to college campus, recently appearing at Grand Valley State here in Michigan. And he says things like this:

“I dismiss the god of Mohammad because he is a tyrant. A tyrant by definition is a law unto himself; he is above the law. On the other hand the God of the Bible submits himself to the same Moral Law to which he expects man to submit, thus making him a moral Governor. Also, Allah is not a loving God. If there is a God, he should be a loving being.”

For crying out loud, has he ever read the Bible he claims to believe in? Seriously?

Robert O’Brien Nominee: John Hagee

Another fact-free rant from wingnut pastor John Hagee:

Secular humanism is a pagan god and America is bowing at the shrine. It has filled our drug rehab centers, it has filled the divorce courts, it has filled the shelter for battered wives, it has filled the rape crisis centers, it has filled the mental hospitals and single bars, it has filled the penitentiaries and the roster guests for the brain-dead television shows you see from New York. Think about that, we’re in a moral free fall where your children can be taught witchcraft by Harry Potter; that Heather has two mommies; you can substitute Christmas for a midwinter holiday, call it anything you want to but don’t call it Christmas, kick God out of the Christmas event; you can let your daughter go to school and she can get an abortion without your permission or without your knowledge but she cannot get an aspirin without your knowledge. Something is dreadfully wrong when you as the parent cannot control the destiny of your own child. America has turned its back from the God of the Bible and it is time for the church of Jesus Christ to stand up and speak up and say we have a right to the destiny of our own children!

Yeah, it’s all those secular humanists beating their wives, raping women and committing crime.

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Janice Shaw Crouse

You’re gonna love this one from Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America:

“For many years, both secular and religious feminists operated with the same definition of equality,” says Crouse. “Then somewhere in the last 30 years that changed. Feminism was taken over by lesbians, by those who wanted quotas and abortion on demand.”

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Robert O’Brien Nominee: David Barton

Add this one to the long list of crazy from David Barton:

I will tell you that the science will always catch up with the Bible, it may not appear to be right it will always catch up, it always has, always will. We now have a study out in the last few months called “ex-gays,” and it is significant, it has changed the entire psychological, psychiatric world, because it documents authoritatively people who were homosexuals who no longer were. Now on the secular side they’ve been saying ‘oh there’s nothing you can do about it, you were born that way, that’s you’re nature,’ well if that’s true you can’t have ex-gays. That’s like being an ex-black or an ex-white or an ex-whatever.

So what it has done, science has now figured out, ‘you know God was right.’ So when you said that about you know God didn’t create you to be a homosexual, they’ll say, ‘well wait a minute science says,’ well science doesn’t say that anymore. Science just got changed this year to match what the Bible’s been telling us all along, and that’s why you always stick with the Bible, science will catch up with the Bible.

I don’t care who you are, that’s stupid right there.

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh brings the crazy again:

“Obama, I’ll guarantee you this. I’ll guarantee you Obama was hoping this was gonna be a disaster as another excuse for his failing economy. If he’s out there blaming tsunamis, earthquakes and whatever other natural disaster there are, this one was made to order, but it just didn’t measure up.”