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Notre Dame Denied Injunction on Contraception Mandate

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s refusal to grant a preliminary injunction in the University of Notre Dame’s lawsuit challenging the ACA’s contraception mandate. ND is arguing that even though they are exempt from having to include contraception in their group insurance policy, the act of having to claim that exemption is itself a violation of their religious freedom. The ruling, written by the legendary Judge Posner, almost mocks that argument: Read more

The Anti-Choice Onslaught Continues

Since taking control of many state legislatures in 2010 because of the Tea Party movement, Republicans have waged a relentless assault on reproductive rights, passing over 200 bills from 2011 to 2013. Think Progress has a list of some new bills that will only make things worse: Read more

Pharmacist Files Suit Over Firing

A pharmacist who was fired for refusing to sell Plan B contraception is suing Walgreens for wrongful dismissal from his job in Jamestown, Tennessee. He’s represented by the Thomas More Society (not to be confused with the Thomas More Law Center). Their press release: Read more

Abortion Clinic Bomber Wanted for Attempted Child Molestation

Curtis Anton Beseda, an infamous abortion clinic bomber from the state of Washington, is being sought by the police in Snohomish, Washington for groping an 11 year old girl and trying to lure her out of a department store. The Seattle Times reports: Read more

Morse’s Dishonest Framing

Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute, an affiliate of the National Organization for Marriage, has an interview with the National Catholic Register that shows just how utterly dishonest wingnuts can be in framing the issues they care about. Some of the rhetoric is simply inane: Read more