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Hillary and All the Single Ladies

Fox News host Jesse Watters, like most Fox News talking heads, appears to be rather fact-impaired. Perhaps fact-averse is a better phrase. Listen to his statement about Hillary Clinton needing all the “Beyonce voters” to win in 2016 because they’re the ones who need contraception. Read more

Pastor: Contraception Users the ‘Wreckage of Humanity’

Joy Pinto is a pastor and she also runs the badly misnamed Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center in Alabama. She spoke at this year’s National Right to Life Convention and showed just how much respect she has for the women — she calls them the “wreckage of humanity” — who come there: Read more

Why the Hobby Lobby Ruling Will Be Mostly Irrelevant Soon

This thought suddenly occurred to me Monday night as I was prepping for a Google Hangout to discuss the Hobby Lobby ruling: The majority opinion gave a roadmap for how the Obama administration can essentially moot the ruling unilaterally. In fact, they can do it today if they want. Let me explain. Read more

Michigan Budget Funds ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’

The new budget passed by the Michigan legislature includes almost a million dollars in funding for a group that helps set up “crisis pregnancy centers” (read: anti-choice propaganda centers that lie to women). Gov. Rick Snyder is almost certain to sign it as is. Read more

The Tea Party of Anti-Abortion Groups Forms

You may recall a huge blowup in Georgia a few months ago when Georgia Right to Life was thrown out of the National Right to Life Committee organization for refusing to support a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks. The state group refused to support it because it included exceptions for rape and incest. Now that group has formed a new national coalition to rival the NRLC: Read more