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Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Georgia Anti-Choice Groups

My friend Robin Marty has an article at Talking Points Memo about some serious infighting going on among the anti-choice groups in Georgia, pitting rabidly anti-abortion Republicans against even more rabid and extreme anti-abortion Republicans. And the shit’s getting real. Read more

Republicans Really Should Stop Talking About Rape

Has there been a situation where a Republican politician has talked about rape and not ended up saying something incredibly heinous and damaging to them? Amanda Marcotte has an excellent recent example of a Missouri state senator showing some truly epic hypocrisy on the subject. Read more

Another Birth Control Myth Debunked

The Contraceptive Choice Project, a long-term research study by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, is destroying a lot of commonly made Christian right claims about birth control. First it showed that offering free birth control to low-income women dramatically reduces abortion rates. Now it shows that free birth control does not increase risky sexual behavior. Read more

Attack of the Pro-Choice Gay People

A coalition of 50 LGBT and women’s rights groups have issued a statement opposing legislation that allow Christian-owned businesses to ignore laws they don’t like, including anti-discrimination laws. Naturally, the wingnuts are objecting to this unholy alliance: Read more

WND’s Dishonest Spin on Nun Lawsuit

The Worldnetdaily has its usual dishonest spin on the lawsuit filed by a group of nuns. And it’s a “Worldnetdaily exclusive,” which appears to mean nothing. Lots of other news outlets are writing about the same case. If it’s an “exclusive” then so is every story. Read more