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Worst. Preacher. Ever.

In the late 90s/early 00s there was a local televangelist who had a show on public access TV in Lansing, Michigan. I don’t remember his name but I remember him being the worst preacher I’d ever seen. This guy is almost as bad. Seriously, you won’t regret watching this: Read more

Church Launches CSI Jerusalem

We’ve already seen lawyers attempt to make a case for the resurrection of Christ, now a New Jersey church is hiring a cold case investigator to do what I’m sure will be a totally objective examination of the “evidence” to determine whether the gospel accounts are trustworthy. Read more

Michigan Public Radio on ‘Paranormal Researcher’

Here’s another instance of a news outlet presenting what is little more than an infomercial for a purveyor of ridiculous woo, this time a “paranormal researcher” and “demonologist” who casts demons out of people. And sadly, it’s from Michigan Public Radio, which does have real journalists who should know better than this. Read more

Bible Found Among Dead People, Film at 11

Oi vey. Here’s another one of those stories that I find so irritating, where a terrible tragedy takes place, lots of people dead, but irrational and hyper-emotional people go all gaga when a religious relic is found in the wreckage. This time it’s a Bible found in the rubble of exploded buildings in New York City. Read more

Forget Christian Rock, Have Some Christian Country

If there’s anything in the world worse than Christian rock music, it would have to be Christian country music (yes, that’s often redundant. John Hagee’s even dumber son Matthew apparently fancies himself a country music singer. To be fair, it isn’t any worse than Garth Brooks. Video below the fold. You’re welcome. Read more