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Feb 14 2014

VA Church Has Nude Worship Services

A church in Virginia has decided to encourage its congregation to come to church butt nekkid. And you’re gonna love the reasoning behind it: Because Jesus was born naked. Of course, everyone was born naked. Gee, do you think maybe you’re just making shit up?

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Feb 11 2014

Saudis Hunting ‘Sorcerers’ on Twitter

The religious police in Saudi Arabia, formally known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, has launched a task force to monitor Twitter accounts in order to identify and track “sorcerers” and “witches.” Which don’t actually exist, of course.

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Feb 02 2014

WND Pushes Fake Football ‘Prophecy’

The Worldnetdaily has another adverticle — a fake “news” article that’s really just an ad for a book they’re selling — and this one is particularly ridiculous. The headline declares: “SUPER BOWL STUNNER THAT WAS PROPHESIED.” It’s about the catch made by David Tyree in the Super Bowl a few years ago, when he trapped …

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Jan 30 2014

Jesus Trolls New Mexico Woman


Jesus continues to troll True Believers everywhere by leaving vague images of himself in the weirdest places. He’s shown up on tortillas, toast and even in bathroom mold. Now he showed up in a bruise that a New Mexico woman sustained when she fell down the stairs — but only after some “holy dirt” was …

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Jan 29 2014

Tapley Predicts Super Bowl False Flag Operation

William Tapley, the warped prophecy reader I’ve shown videos of before, has decided based on a commercial for the iPad that there’s going to be a “false flag” event at the Super Bowl. It’s a bizarre, rambling diatribe about an image he claims is a woman giving birth to the Antichrist. It’s just a sunrise, …

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Jan 29 2014

Some Old School Fundie Hilarity

Came across this video while watching some Led Zeppelin videos on Youtube. I can’t find who the guy is in it or when it was recorded (the porn stache is out of the 70s and so is the hair, but the clothes look more modern), but it reminds me a lot of the stuff I …

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Jan 24 2014

Senate Candidate Speaks, Sings in Tongues

Kathleen Tonn is running for the U.S. Senate from Alaska. I can’t imagine the video she posted to Youtube last weekend and then apparently removed is going to help. She recorded herself speaking and singing in tongues to save someone named Suzie. Even the Christian Post seems a bit skeptical.

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Jan 06 2014

Another Awesome-Looking Christian Movie

As if the Kevin Sorbo movie and the Erik Estrada movie aren’t enough, there’s another new Christian movie coming out that is almost certainly to be an unintentional laugh riot. It’s called The Lock In and it’s the tale of a youth group that has a lock in and has to confront demons because one …

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Jan 03 2014

Those Evil 80s Toys

Having grown up as a fundamentalist Christian in the early 80s, I remember well the many books and sermons about the evils of pop culture. I read Bob Larson’s books about the evils of rock music (and then ignored them completely). Here’s some video clips of preachers in the 80s railing about the evils of …

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Dec 29 2013

Japanese Prime Minister Angers China, South Korea

The Japanese Prime Minster has created a minor international incident by visiting a Shinto shrine to dead Japanese soldiers from World War II. China and South Korea are apparently a bit sensitive to such symbolic visits for various reasons. But it’s the prime minister’s response to the whole thing that has me amused:

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Dec 28 2013

Farah on the True Meaning of Christmas

Joseph Farah’s Worldnetdaily has been simultaneously publishing articles that say Christmas is a pagan holiday and that there is a war on Christmas. But in a Christmas Eve (not Christmas Steve) column he says that the real story of Christmas is how Jesus gave up his omniscience so he could shit his diapers. Or something.

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Dec 20 2013

No, God Did Not Let People Die So You Could Get Married

One of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing is marrying the nurse who took care of him during his rehabilitation from horrific injuries, which makes a great little human interest story. But he seems to think it happened so that he could meet his bride, which is just twisted.

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Dec 19 2013

Now That’s How You Do a Nativity Scene

The Columbia City Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lake City, Florida seems to have gone a little over the top in putting together a drive-thru nativity scene. Going beyond merely depicting Joseph, Mary and Jesus and maybe some wise men, they decided to include Herod’s slaughter of male babies as well.

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Dec 18 2013

Get Your Cranston Prayer Christmas Tree Ornament

It wouldn’t be a church/state controversy without someone trying to profit from it. You can now buy a Christmas ornament of the prayer banner that Jessica Ahlquist successfully had removed from her school. Because nothing says “Christmas spirit” like trying to make money from a controversy.

Dec 16 2013

Russia Asks Shamans to Bring Olympic Snow

Worried that there won’t be enough snow for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Russian government is apparently asking “shamans” (whatever they are) to do whatever it is that shamans do to affect the weather and make it snow. A bit more intelligently, they also have snow-making machines.

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