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Pastor: Gays Possessed by ‘Putrid Smelling Demons’

In one of the most deranged anti-gay columns you’ll ever read, Pastor Bert Ferias of Holy Fires Ministries asks gay people to “please do not get upset with me” for speaking “very plainly and straightforward (sic) about homosexuality.” And then he launches on a long screed that includes this: Read more

A Really Bad Reason to Ban Circumcision

There is a growing movement in this country and around the world to ban male circumcision, but a legislator in Zimbabwe has come up with the worst justification ever for doing so: Because the foreskin can be used in witchcraft to curse people. Read more

Jesus Took the Wheel; You’ll Totally Believe What Happened Next

A woman in Ft. Wayne is in jail after running over a motorcyclist because, she said, God told her out of the blue that he would take over the driving. I think she may be taking that “God is my co-pilot” bumper sticker just a little bit too literally. Read more

Jesus Found In an Apple

Jesus has apparently grown tired of appearing in vague images on tortillas, toast and bathroom mold. He’s now appearing on the skin of an apple in New Mexico, though no one other than the why who claims it’s there can see it. Here’s the image: Read more

I Heart William Tapley

I find William Tapley endlessly entertaining. The self-declared “third eagle of the apocalypse” makes these bizarre Youtube videos pointing out symbolism that no one else sees and relates it all to the Bible and the “end times.” In this video, he finds information about what the Illuminati has planned in, of all places, a Miracle Whip commercial. Read more