Indiana Megachurch in Foreclosure

I remember seeing Steve Munsey on the Trinity Broadcasting Network many times. Munsey is the past of the massive Family Christian Center in Indiana, one of the largest megachurches in the country (18,000 members), and they always brought him on TBN when they were begging for money because he delivered the best shouty, fraudulent prosperity gospel rants to get the cash flowing in. Sarah Posner provides an example of what I saw many times:
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A Bizarre New Claim on the Shroud of Turin

Sharon Hill reports on a bizarre new “theory” from some Italian researchers that the Shroud of Turin may be real because there might have been an earthquake and that earthquake might have released neutrons and those neutrons might have been capable of creating such imprints. The Telegraph has the details:
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Pentecostal Preachers in Africa Killing HIV-Positive People

Pentecostal preachers in Africa are responsible from some truly vile things, including the witch hunts in Nigeria and Uganda that Leo Igwe bravely battles against. Here’s another horrifying example: They’re holding “healing services” for people who are infected with HIV and taking their anti-retroviral drugs away from them.
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Con Man Evangelist Paul Crouch Dies

Christian con man Paul Crouch, founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, died Saturday, unfortunately not from shame because he clearly didn’t have any of that. Crouch was a ghoul, a grief vampire who made himself fabulously rich by fleecing the desperate and the ignorant. And please don’t tell me not to speak ill of the dead. I’m saying the same thing about him now that I’ve always said about him. Death does not magically transform a fraud into someone who should be praised.