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Apr 08 2014

Uganda Shuts Down HIV/AIDS Clinic

The horrors of that brutal new anti-gay law in Uganda are becoming more appalling by the day. The Ugandan police shut down one of the few clinics in that country that treated those with HIV and AIDS and arrested clinic staff for the “crime” of “promoting homosexuality.”

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Mar 31 2014

Wingnut Longs for the Days He Could Whip Bill Maher

Tristan Emmanuel is upset by Bill Maher’s entirely accurate comment that the God of the Bible is a “psychotic mass murderer.” Really, really upset. So upset that he longs for the “good old days” when Maher would be publicly whipped for his blasphemy.

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Mar 31 2014

Pakistani Christian Gets Death Penalty for Blasphemy

In yet another example of astonishing barbarism and totalitarianism, a Christian in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for blasphemy for comments he allegedly made to a Muslim friend during an argument. The case already saw violent attacks on the Christian community in that country by mobs of barbarians.

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Mar 28 2014

Robertson Explains Why Jesus Wouldn’t Bake a Gay Cake

In a 700 Club segment on the case involving a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding celebration, Pat Robertson launched into a rather bizarre diatribe about why Jesus wouldn’t have baked a cake for them either because they would have been stoned to death. He seemed rather sad that things …

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Mar 28 2014

Racist Assholes File Brief in Michigan Marriage Case

Those who have been following my blog for many years may remember the names Kyle Bristow and Jason Van Dyke, two white supremacist douchebags who went to Michigan State and managed to get law degrees from other schools. They’ve filed an amicus brief in the Michigan marriage equality case in the 6th Circuit on behalf …

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Mar 27 2014

Ham: Eternal Torment An Act of Grace and Mercy

Sometimes I’m just astonished by how fundamentalist Christians use words. They seem to be like Humpty Dumpty, declaring that words can mean whatever they want them to mean. A perfect example is Ken Ham’s claim that God is going to burn Bill Maher (and the rest of us heathens, of course) in a lake of …

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Mar 21 2014

Newcombe Defends Psychotic Mass Murderer

In all the furor over Bill Maher accurately calling the Biblical God a “psychotic mass murderer,” I’ve finally found someone who actually wants to defend that God rather than just rail at how “hateful” Maher is. Jerry Newcombe gives it a shot, with predictably terrible arguments.

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Mar 19 2014

ATLAH Church: Gay People Should Be Stoned

Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church in Harlem continues to make the most vile and disgusting statements, especially on the church’s marquee. The latest is to declare that Jesus would stone gay people to death as it commands in Leviticus.

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Mar 12 2014

Iraqi Women Protest Horrifying Legislation

There is a new law proposed in Iraq, and approved by the cabinet, that would set the cause of womens’ rights in Iraq back many decades and constitute a serious regression even from the days of Saddam Hussein, who was, despite many other flaws, relatively progressive in that regard. A group of women protested that …

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Mar 04 2014

Alamo Victims Get Half a Billion Dollars

Seven women who were raped and abused by evangelist Tony Alamo for years were awarded more than half a billion dollars by a judge in Arkansas after Alamo Ministries didn’t even bother responding to the lawsuit they filed against the now-notorious preacher.

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Mar 01 2014

Threats Kill SSA Club in North Carolina

Remember the fight over an SSA club at Pigsah High School in North Carolina, where the school initially refused to allow it to form and then gave in when threatened with a lawsuit? Abusive Christians bullies have now managed to do what the school could not, prevent the creation of the group. Kalei Wilson, the …

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Feb 27 2014

Ugandan Paper Prints Gay Hit List

Now that President Musevini has signed Uganda’s harsh new anti-gay law and put it into effect, the witch hunts have officially begun. A Ugandan newspaper published a list of 200 allegedly gay people. I fully expect that, like Nigeria, they will be rounding up anyone suspected of being gay.

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Feb 23 2014

Appalling Abuse at Christian Group Home

This is the kind of story that turns your stomach. A couple in Southern California that runs a pair of Christian group homes for the mentally and physically disabled kept them in what a court calls terrible conditions and forced them to attend religious services, punishing them if they didn’t.

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Feb 21 2014

Gay Ugandans Attacked in Refugee Camp

Things have gotten so bad for gay people in Uganda, even before President Musevini signs the new law increasing the penalties for it, that many have fled to a refugee camp in Kenya. Unfortunately, they aren’t even safe from attacks there, both from Kenyans and other Ugandans living in the camps.

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Feb 19 2014

Trans Legislator Arrested at Sochi Olympics

The first openly trans legislator in Europe was arrested at the Sochi Olympics for holding a banner that said, in Russian, “Gay is OK.” Because they have to protect the children, dontchaknow. This is what the Russian law censors as “gay propaganda.”

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