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Dec 30 2013

Another ‘Witch’ Killed in Africa

The horrifying trend of people in African countries killing others after accusing them of being “witches” continues with this story of two men in Zimbabwe killing an 81-year old man because they thought he had killed their uncle through his use of “witchcraft.”

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Dec 26 2013

Uganda Passes Harsh Anti-Gay Law

After several years of back and forth, the Ugandan legislature has finally passed the anticipated anti-gay bill, but apparently with “only” life in prison for gay people instead of the death penalty. And it even will send you to prison if you don’t turn someone in for being gay. But apparently there’s a chance that …

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Dec 23 2013

The Most Unhinged Response to Duck Dynasty Brouhaha

I really don’t want to write anything about Duck Dynasty, a show I’ve never watched and never will. But I can at least use it to demonstrate some of the deranged things being said in defense of the bigoted asshole from the show whose name I can’t be bothered to learn. The most unhinged one …

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Dec 22 2013

TX Gov. Candidate: Help Me Secede So I Can Have You Killed

Every day I troll the fringe backwaters of the right wing (which are getting less fringe-y every day) but every once in a while I come across someone who is so off-the-charts oblivious that it leaves an indentation when my head hits the desk. Larry SECEDE Kilgore (he actually made SECEDE his middle name legally), …

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Dec 10 2013

Pentecostal Preachers in Africa Killing HIV-Positive People

Pentecostal preachers in Africa are responsible from some truly vile things, including the witch hunts in Nigeria and Uganda that Leo Igwe bravely battles against. Here’s another horrifying example: They’re holding “healing services” for people who are infected with HIV and taking their anti-retroviral drugs away from them.

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Nov 20 2013

India Prosecutes the Wrong Person

There’s good news and bad news in this story out of India. The good news is that a college lecturer was acquitted of a charge of offending religious sentiments. There are two bits of bad news. The first is that there is such a charge at all. The second is that Islamic thugs already cut …

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Nov 15 2013

Is Orthodox Judaism as Bad as the Catholic Church?

Christopher Ketcham has an alarming and disturbing article in Vice arguing that there is a “child-rape assembly line” in Orthodox Jewish communities. And the accusation is coming from an Orthodox rabbi from the Satmar community, which has earned him attacks and abuse.

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Nov 15 2013

Barton and Copeland Have Solved PTSD

With hundreds of thousands of soldiers returning from war with severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, an obvious result of the horrors of having to kill and possibly be killed, David Barton and televangelist fraud Kenneth Copeland have a solution: Just stop feeling it because God thinks you did great.

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Nov 14 2013

A Young Muslim Apologizes to Rushdie

Adnan Sarwar writes a rather remarkable apology to Salman Rushdie, whose death he once demanded as an 11-year old Muslim back in 1989. He now regrets having blindly followed his religious leaders and says that it has taken far too long for someone to apologize, which he did when he attended a talk given by …

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Nov 12 2013

God Punished the Philippines for…Catholicism?


Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on Friday and is being called the strongest storm ever recorded. It left at least 10,000 dead, probably many more (they’re just getting to some of the remote villages and islands in the path), and you knew some wingnut was going to tell us what message God was sending with …

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Nov 11 2013

The Nigerian Witch Hunts Begin Anew

The amazing Leo Igwe has a guest post at Ophelia’s blog about Helen Ukpabio, the Pentecostal preacher most responsible for the horrifying witch hunts in Nigeria, restarting her crusade to hunt yet more “witches” in that country. This stuff is so retrograde it’s shocking. This is the 21st century, right?

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Oct 24 2013

Robertson: Liberalism Leads to Nazis

Pat Robertson delivered on of his standard-issue diatribes against liberalism and humanism, which of course causes every bad thing imaginable and none of it would happen if we just all believed in God. And never mind all of the atrocities committed in the name of God — including Nazism.

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Oct 11 2013

The Blaze on Biblical Stoning

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze website is trying its hand at Biblical exegesis, with predictable results. They have an article entitled Fact Check: Does the Bible Really Condone Stoning? The answer, of course, is clearly yes. It does so over and over again. So what else is there to say? Well, there are weak excuses and …

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Oct 07 2013

Arab League Wants International Blasphemy Prosections

As if the barbaric laws of many Middle Eastern countries that punish blasphemy weren’t already bad enough, the Arab League is drafting a new law that would allow its members to punish blasphemy even when it takes place outside their borders.

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Sep 18 2013

The Emptiness of the Argument From Morality

Whenever an atheist makes any moral statement, a Christian will inevitably offer up some version of the argument from morality. Sometimes the argument will be that you can’t make any moral statement at all without believing in God. Sometimes the argument is that we only think those things are immoral because God has planted in …

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