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Russian Anti-LGBT Demonization Leads to Violence

It’s been clear for some time now that Russia’s harsh anti-gay law passed last year is creating an atmosphere that encourages violence against gay people and that the Russian government has little inclination to protect them from it. Right Wing Watch quotes human rights activists on the nature of that atmosphere: Read more

Barber’s Site Features Christian Reconstructionist

Is there any limit to how extreme Matt Barber’s new site BarbWire can get? Apparently not. They’ve got a genuine Christian Reconstructionist, Lee Duigon, writing for them now. And he thinks Christians who aren’t anti-gay enough — and to a Reconstructionist, I assume that means Christians who don’t think they should be stoned to death — are “servants of Satan.” Read more

How Religion Can Twist a Mind

This is a disturbing video that demonstrates how religion can warp and twist a human mind into something vile and hateful and repulsive. It’s a preacher named Brother Dean at Arizona State University calling people “faggots” and “whores” while holding a sign that says “You deserve rape.” Read more

Witch Hunter Goes to the UK

Helen Okpabio, the Pentecostal preacher from Nigeria who is one of the people most responsible for violence toward suspected “witches” — almost always women and young children — in North Africa, recently took a trip to London to “deliver” people from “spiritual bondage.” Read more

Anglican Archbishop Makes Baffling Statement on Marriage Equality

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, made an absolutely baffling statement during a phone conference recently, as reported in the Guardian. He says we can’t recognize gay marriages in the west because it will cause Muslims to slaughter Christians in Africa. Read more