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Dec 19 2013

Pat Buchanan Hearts Vladimir Putin

Pat Buchanan writes a love letter to Vladimir Putin, calling him a beacon of “moral clarity” (read: authoritarianism). Given Buchanan’s lifelong love of dictatorial strongmen, this is hardly a surprise. But some of the arguments he makes along the way are rather entertaining.

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Dec 16 2013

ADF Applauds Indian Gay Ban

Among the many Christian right groups applauding the Indian Supreme Court for reinstating a colonial-era law that punishes homosexuality with up to 10 years in prison is the Alliance Defending Freedom. Benjamin Bull, executive director of ADF Global, told Bill O’Reilly:

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Dec 12 2013

American Bigots Urge Jamaica to Imprison Gay People

Now that the Supreme Court and many state legislatures have prevented them from continuing to discriminate against and impose criminal punishments on gay people, American bigots are going overseas to demand that they do their authoritarian dirty work for them. It’s happened in Uganda, Russia and now Jamaica. The usual suspects are involved.

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Dec 08 2013

Libya Institutes Sharia Law

The Libyan Assembly has voted to make Sharia law the basis for all legislative and judicial decisions in that country, including the barbaric criminal code. It sure is a good thing we brought freedom to those folks, isn’t it? The freedom to live in a theocracy, of course.

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Nov 26 2013

Yes, We Have a Right to Offend Muslims. And Everyone Else.

The Muslim Times has a ridiculous article entitled “Do atheists have the right to offend Muslims?” That may be the easiest question in the world, next to “Would you like some more pork?” And that question may offend Muslims too, but I couldn’t care any less.

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Nov 23 2013

Minister Found Guilty of Humanity

A Methodist minister from Pennsylvania, Frank Schaefer (no apparent relation to Frank Schaeffer, son of infamous evangelical scholar Francis Schaeffer), was found guilty by a jury at a church trial of being a decent human being and conducting a same-sex marriage ceremony for his son.

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Nov 06 2013

Imam: Only Gay Men Play Musical Instruments

I don’t know who this imam is, but he’s an obnoxious bigot. He’s preaching about what music is acceptable at weddings and he says only women singing or playing a drum called a daff. No men because, obviously, only gay men play musical instruments.

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Nov 01 2013

Saudi Blogger Freed From Prison for Blasphemy

Saudi blogger Hamza Kashgari has been freed from prison after 20 months for the “crime” of uttering things on Twitter that offended the appallingly oversensitive Muslim clerics and totalitarian police in that country. Unfortunately, he may be at more risk free than he was in prison.

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Oct 02 2013

Driving Makes Womens’ Pelvises ‘Roll Up’

As women in Saudi Arabia try to win the right to drive for the first time, a Saudi sheikh and — for crying out loud — psychologist says that there is a very good reason not to let them drive. If women drive, it will affect their ovaries and their pelvises will “roll up.” Whatever …

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Sep 18 2013

Beck Website Promotes Ron Paul Curriculum

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze website has an article about the Ron Paul Curriculum, which promises to teach homeschooling parents and students “get an education in liberty like no other.” Given that the curriculum is being developed by Gary North, the nation’s leading Christian Reconstructionist, you can be sure that “liberty” is being defined in an …

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Sep 12 2013

Atheist Bangladeshi Bloggers Finally Indicted

Four atheist bloggers in Bangladesh who were arrested in April have finally been charged in court and their trials will begin in November. They are charged with writing “inflammatory blogs” that offended the religious feelings of Muslims in that country.

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Sep 06 2013

Another Blasphemy Prosecution in India

An Indian novelist has been arrested for blasphemy for apparently saying mean things about the Hindu god Ganesh, this hurting the incredibly tender feelings of authoritarians who think they have a right to punish anyone who dares offend them. Paul Fidalgo, filling in at the Friendly Atheist while Hemant goes off and gets married (congratulations, …

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Sep 06 2013

Lively’s Bizarre Definition of ‘Freedom’

Deranged bigot Scott Lively continues his diatribes in favor of Russia’s oppressive law that forbids “homosexual propaganda,” which has been defined as acknowledging being gay in public in any way. Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, he says, is a “hero of family values” and Russia is a “beacon of freedom.”

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Aug 24 2013

TN Church Kicks Out Family With Gay Daughter

A church in Tennessee has taken its bigotry and intolerance to a whole new level. After a woman in that town won her battle for same-sex partner benefits, the church is kicking out her parents and even her extended family if they don’t repent of their “sin” of supporting her.

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Aug 22 2013

Christian Action League Opposes Sunday Voting in NC

The Christian Action League, which is the North Carolina affiliate of the American Family Association, is cheering a new law in that state that bans early voting on Sundays, along with a bunch of other heinous provisions designed to reduce the number of minorities who vote. Because…Sabbath!

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