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Mar 18 2014

Alexander: Legalization is Not Enough

Michelle Alexander, author of the incredible book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness (Revised) [ THE NEW JIM CROW: MASS INCARCERATION IN THE AGE OF COLORBLINDNESS (REVISED) BY Alexander, Michelle ( Author ) Jan-16-2012, makes the important point that ending the war on drugs, if it ever happens, will not …

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Mar 18 2014

AZ GOP Candidate: Slavery Wasn’t So Bad


I think the Republican Party needs to add slavery to the list of subjects they really should STFU about, along with rape. It seems every time one of them opens their mouth about it, something appalling comes out. Jim Brown, a Republican candidate for Congress from Arizona, says it really wasn’t all that bad:

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Mar 16 2014

KKK: We’re a Great Bunch of Guys!

The local KKK chapter in Chesterfield County, Virginia has been delivering fliers to homes in the area and, believe it or not, some people are upset about that. But they’re clearly overreacting because the KKK is totally not about hating dark-skinned people or anything. Really, just ask them.

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Mar 07 2014

Dumbass: KKK Flag Isn’t Symbol of Violence

A man in Florida who looks like he stepped right out an episode of Cops is flying a KKK flag over his mobile home. But he says don’t worry, it’s not like he’s actually beating up “faggots” or black people or anything. It’s just his freedom of speech, dontchaknow.

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Mar 05 2014

Derbyshire: Conservatives Should Go Full On Racist

John Derbyshire, the guy so racist that the National Review fired him and he had to move to the neo-Nazi site VDARE, says that all educated black people are communists, so the conservatives should stop trying to attract them and just embrace white nationalism completely.

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Feb 26 2014

Meet the Wingnut Candidate: Chris Mapp

Chris Mapp wants to be the next senator from the state of Texas and he’s borrowing a page from Ted Nugent, spouting racial slurs and crude insults. And to show you just how out of touch this guy is, he endorsed people shooting “wetbacks” in front of a major newspaper editorial board.

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Feb 25 2014

Racist Taaffe: I Was Hacked!

Frank Taaffe, George Zimmerman’s BFF and frequent CNN guest, got caught saying incredibly racist things but he wants you to know that he really didn’t do it. He told Nancy Grace that his Twitter account was hacked. Apparently his voice and his radio show was as well, since there is audio of him calling Oprah …

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Feb 25 2014

Michigan Man: Kill the Jews

David Neiwert exposes the work of James Laffrey, a vicious anti-Semite who appears to be from Michigan. He owns the website Whites Will Win, in which he calls Adolf Hitler “the greatest leader of the last century” and, like his idol, routinely calls for the murder of Jews.

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Feb 23 2014

Aryan Nation Leader Arrested for Molesting Child

A famous white supremacist and former Aryan Nation leader has been arrested in South Carolina for child molestation and showing pornography to a child. August Byron Kreis is a Christian Identity minister with a long history of white supremacy.

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Feb 21 2014

CNN’s White Supremacist ‘Expert’

Rachel Tabachnik reports that one of the commentators that CNN has brought on repeatedly to talk about the George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn cases, Frank Taaffe, is a racist and a white supremacist. And this isn’t one of those situations where you have to put the worst spin on something. He’s pretty open about it:

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Feb 18 2014

Stansberry Defends His Bigoted Slurs

This is actually a few months old but I totally missed it at the time. Remember Porter Stansberry, the right-wing con man who sends emails to wingnuts selling his fraudulent financial advice? Turns out he likes using bigoted slurs too and thinks it’s “fucking bullshit” that anyone would criticize him for it. Because — of …

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Feb 17 2014

TN Pastor Goes Off on Interracial Relationships

Let’s all jump into Professor Peabody’s Wayback Machine and go back to the 1950s to see a Christian minister in Tennessee go on a rant against the evils of interracial relationships, saying they violate God’s will. Except this only happened a few months ago:

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Feb 10 2014

A Restaurant I Never Want to Go To

If I ever get to Oklahoma City, here’s one restaurant I am definitely not going to go to. The owner of Gary’s Chicaros restaurant is a raging bigot on almost every possible level. After being accused of discrimination by a handicapped person, it all comes spewing forth:

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Feb 06 2014

Pratt, Duke Discuss Race

The absolutely deranged con man and conspiracy theorist Larry Pratt, head of Gun Owners of America, and Selwyn Duke, a columnist for the badly misnamed American Thinker website, got together on a radio show to talk about race in America. Let’s just say it didn’t go well.

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Jan 28 2014

FLOTUS Partners With Subway. Cue the Wingnuts…


Subway announced it was joining forced with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to encourage kids to eat healthier and exercise more. But those crafty wingnuts won’t be fooled by this Muslim communist propaganda straight out of Saul Alinsky and they let their feelings be known on the Subway Facebook page. I’ll leave the names in …

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