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Jul 21 2014

Racist Defendant Refuses Black Public Defender

A racist asshole who is charged with stabbing an elderly man several times told a judge at his arraignment that he didn’t want a “negro” public defender. In fact, he doesn’t want any attorney at all because attorneys are apparently evil. Especially black ones.

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Jul 18 2014

The Racist Trope of the Disease-Ridden Immigrant


One of the most commonly repeated tropes in American history is the idea that immigrants come here and spread disease. It’s been used to oppose virtually every immigrant group throughout our history and now it’s being used by xenophobes once again to demand that 52,000 young refugees be sent back to Central America. Samuel Kleiner …

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Jul 17 2014

The Death of Pat Buchanan’s America

In his latest column, old-school racist paleo-conservative Pat Buchanan declares that America is “no longer 1 nation, 1 people,” as if we ever were such a thing. But what he means by this is that we have too many brown-skinned people here now and he doesn’t like it one bit.

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Jul 15 2014

Florida Town Had KKK Members on Police Force

This story is frightening. The town of Fruitland Park, Florida had two KKK members as part of their 13-member police department, including the deputy chief of police. The FBI identified them and notified the city and both of them very quickly resigned their positions.

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Jul 10 2014

NC Housing Official Spews Bigotry on Facebook

Oh look, we have another local Republican official caught spewing all manner of vile bigotry on Facebook and refusing to resign from office when called out for it. The fact that he’s from North Carolina certainly won’t surprise anyone either.

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Jul 07 2014

The Diseased Immigrants Argument Returns

American history is replete with examples of xenophobes and nativists claiming that immigrants are bringing terrible diseases with them and infecting Americans. Now that absurd prejudice is being repeated as the right wing flips out and lies about the 52,000 children who have arrived on our borders in the last few months. Laura Murphy dismantles …

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Jul 03 2014

Gheen: Immigrants Want to Kill Your Families

William Gheen, the racist and xenophobic Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), did an interview with the Tea Party News Network and claimed that immigrants from Mexico are “invading” America and their goal is to kill you and your family. Yes, I’m serious, he actually said that.

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Jul 01 2014

Douchebags of the World, Meet Your Leader


From the Annals of Amazing Fuckwittery, a group of douchebags in Cincinnati decided to order a bunch of automatic weapons and wander through a neighborhood in that city shouting racial slurs at people. They’re led by this weapons-grade dumbass:

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Jun 27 2014

KKK Leader Removed From Town Watch

The “grand wizard” (read: lead asshole) of the KKK in Philadelphia has been removed from the town watch in the historic Tacony neighborhood in Northeast Philly. Apparently no one had any idea that he was a white supremacist until he started distributing fliers to recruit other shitheads.

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Jun 23 2014

How Does Someone Hate This Much?

Malia Obama spent a day on the set of a new Halle Berry TV show as a production assistant, fetching coffee and that sort of thing. When this was reported at Breitbart and other right wing “news” sites, the commenters spewed some horrifying hatred and racism over it. From Breitbart:

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Jun 20 2014

Things I Learn on Facebook

On Wednesday, the U.S. Trademark Office removed the Washington Redskins’ trademark on their name. Now I have no idea whether they had the legal authority to do this, that is up to the courts to decide. But here are a few things I saw immediately in comment threads on the Facebook pages of my friends …

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Jun 20 2014

Arpaio Clone in GA Resigns After Racist Text Messages

The police chief of Grantville, Georgia has made no secret of his admiration for fascist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, even sending some of his officers to Maricopa County, AZ to learn from the Jedi master. That police chief has now resigned after it was revealed that he sent racist text messages to his officers:

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Jun 13 2014

KKK Using Vets to Plan For Coming Race War

Since 9/11, there have been many reports that white supremacists were joining the military in order to get the training they could then use to teach others in preparation for what they view as the inevitable race war. Now the KKK is talking openly about putting that plan into action.

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Jun 13 2014

Buchanan and the Perpetual Death of the West

How long can someone make the same dystopic prediction without it ever coming true and continue to get people to listen to them? In the case of the right wing, seemingly forever. For how long has Pat Buchanan been predicting the “death of the West”? Decades now. His latest:

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Jun 12 2014

Racism is Okay If It’s an ‘Honest Opinion’

A city councilwoman in La Marque, Texas has admitted to making seriously racist statements about members of the local school board. But that’s okay, she says, because she was just giving her “honest opinion” and “I don’t back down from that.”

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