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Why a GOP Senate Takeover Does Matter

A few weeks ago I opined that a Republican takeover of the Senate wouldn’t change much of anything because the House already stands in the way of almost anything Obama wants to do. But Jonathan Chait points out that there’s one role specific to the Senate that could be a very big deal if the Republicans take over: Read more

The Torture Debate in the GOP

Andrew Sullivan makes a really interesting point about Rand Paul running for president, which is that if he does make a run — and he’s obviously going to — it will force the issue of torture out into the open. His opponents will undoubtedly raise the issue to attack him. Read more

Michigan Republican Apologizes for Vote Against Marriage Equality

A former Republican legislator from Michigan named Chris Ward is apologizing for voting against marriage equality when he was in the state House in 2004. He’s asking his fellow Republicans to do the same, telling them that they’re on the wrong side of history and it’s time to stop the anti-gay crusade. Read more

Rand Paul Hires Terrible Pollster

Rand Paul is diligently working on his 2016 Republican presidential bid and assembling a national campaign team. In what can only be described as a very odd move, he’s hired one of the most biased and inaccurate pollsters in the country, Fritz Wenzel (you may remember him from doing lots of polls for the Worldnetdaily). Right Wing Watch points out his long history of being wildly off the mark. For instance, just two months before the 2012 election he was trying to “unskew” the polls: Read more

A Republican Senate Takeover Wouldn’t Mean Much

With the 2014 midterm elections less than 8 months away, the prospect of the Republicans taking control of the Senate looms as a real possibility. It’s going to be really close, maybe even a 50/50 tie. But would it really change anything if the Republicans took over the Senate? Paul Waldman says no. Read more