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Antigua Can Violate American IP Rights Legally

Someone sent me a link to this article about how the nation of Antigua is now allowed, under GATT, to violate American intellectual property laws as part of a WTO settlement of a dispute over the U.S. government preventing online gambling sites from operating in this country. Read more

Reid Screwed Up Online Poker Legalization

Politico reports that Sen. Harry Reid screwed up a chance to legalize online poker, though I’m not really crazy about the way it was going to be done. He did manage to get some Republicans on board but then apparently bungled the opportunity to get the package through the Senate (whether it would have passed the House is another question). Read more

Explaining Poker Lingo

Whenever I write about poker, there will inevitably be a comment or two by someone to the effect of “Wha? I didn’t understand a word of that.” This is because poker, like most activities, has developed a lingo all its own that is foreign to someone who hasn’t played the game, or who has played it only casually. So I thought I’d take the time to explain what some of those terms mean. Read more

Probability and Political Predictions

Watching the right wing rage at Nate Silver is kind of amusing to watch. Andrew Sullivan points out that Silver’s predictions on the results of the election are quite in line with all the other major poll analysts and betting markets, while Jonathan Last tries to explain how probability works: Read more

World Series of Poker 2012

I stayed up pretty much all night on Tuesday night to watch the final three play for the title in the World Series of Poker main event and it was worth it. Three young guys, all in their 20s, had an amazing match. As I write this — I’ll update it later — they’ve played for 7 hours and no one has been knocked out yet. As of now, they’re in the same order they started in, with Greg Merson the chip leader, Jesse Sylvia in 2nd place and Jake Balsiger in 3rd. But holy cow, has it been a roller coaster ride. Read more