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D’Souza: Teaching Accurate History = Hating America

Dinesh D’Souza has another undoubtedly idiotic documentary out and he’s making the rounds of the right wing fever swamps to promote it. In a conversation with One American News Network’s Rick Amato, who started by declaring that “liberals hate America,” D’Souza says that teaching accurate history is teaching young people to hate America. Read more

Nationalist Jerks Opine on Kid Not Saying Pledge

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance is constitutional, largely because it’s voluntary, students can opt out. But the reaction of the community in Texas where a kid was punished by the school for not reciting the pledge shows why this voluntary claim is illusory in practice. Read more

Cheney: Obama Doesn’t Like America

There was a time, back when she was with the National Endowment for the Humanities, when I thought Lynne Cheney was a serious intellectual. That time is long gone. Like her husband and her daughter Liz, she’s a tiresome political hack and a right wing shill, as she proved yet again in an interview with Steve Malzberg. Read more

Cue the Right Wing Xenophobia

One of the commercials shown during the Super Bowl was by Coke and it featured a bunch of children singing America the Beautiful in their native language rather than in English. Predictably, the right wing is clutching their pearls and flipping their lids over it. Breitbart, you’re up: Read more

Steve King’s Moronic Nationalism

There is nothing in politics that annoys me more than the idiotic and offensive nationalism and jingoism that is so popular on the right. Anyone who doesn’t accept their simple-minded, childish notion of “American exceptionalism” is claimed to hate the country. Here’s Rep. Steve King’s version: Read more