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Holy Underwear vs No Underwear

A preacher in Nairobi, Kenya has ordered the women of his congregation not to wear bras and panties when they come to church so they’ll be more free and open to receiving the spirit of Christ. Kinda brings a whole new meaning to “eat of my body” for communion. Read more

A Creepy Mormon Video on Masturbation

This is an awkward and creepy video put out by BYU-Idaho encouraging kids to narc on their friends if they know they masturbate, comparing that action to rescuing a wounded man in a time of war. Do they even know how creepy this is? It gives me the creeps. Did I mention it was creepy? Read more

Shed a Tear for Orson Scott Card

Poor Orson Scott Card. Because evil people like us insist on criticizing him when he says incredibly stupid and bigoted things, he’s facing the greatest injustice in the history of all injustices. Slavery? Pffft. The Holocaust? That was nothing compared to how terribly he’s being treated. Maurine Proctor lays out the case in Meridian, a Mormon magazine. Read more

Dumbass Quote of the Day

The Mormon Church has apparently given its approval to a proposed change in Boy Scouts rules that would allow gay teens to join and the wingnuts are losing their mind over it. Unsurprisingly, Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality had one of the more amusing responses: Read more

Salmon Won’t Follow Portman on Marriage Equality

In the wake of Sen. Rob Portman changing his position on same-sex marriage after his son came out as gay, other anti-equality legislators are being asked about their own position in light of their gay children. Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) was asked about it by an Arizona TV station: Read more