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The Futility of (Some) Arguments

I regularly take part in Google Hangouts, usually late at night, with an assortment of people from all over the world. Atheists, Christians, deists (well, one deist), you name it. But this weekend I realized after spending two days arguing with the same person that there are some people you just shouldn’t bother debating on a subject, or any subject. Read more

Homeopathy Maker Pulls Product for Containing Medicine

Okay, this story made me literally laugh out loud. Terra Medica, a company that makes homeopathic “remedies” (what they actually remedy is unclear), has recalled a bunch of its products because — gasp! — they might contain actual medicine. Clearly, that cannot be allowed. Read more

Chuck Norris Pushes ‘Detox’ Scam

I’ve never quite understood why the Worldnetdaily thinks Chuck Norris some sort of expert on health medicine. I mean, I know he did a ridiculous infomercial for some piece of exercise equipment, but that hardly qualifies him for med school. And now he’s gone completely over to the side of medical woo, embracing the “detox” fraud and the single worst anti-science crank in that entire field. Read more

Beware the Detox Fraud

There are a few handy buzzwords that almost always indicate that you’re dealing with pseudo-scientific bullshit (“all-natural,” “balance,” “energy,” “vibration,” etc). And whenever you see a product promising to “detoxify” your body, that should send up a red flag big enough to block out the sun, as Scott Gavura points out. Read more

The Woo of Crystal ‘Therapy’

One of the ways you can be quite certain that you’re dealing with some serious weapons-grade bullshit when it comes to medicine is when you hear phrases like “positive energy” and “restoring balance.” Christopher Wanjek takes a skeptical look at one of those “healing” techniques that utilizes such meaningless twaddle, crystal therapy. Read more