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Chuck Norris: Anti-Vaxxer

Chuck Norris believes so many astonishingly stupid things that it certainly should come as no surprise that he’s apparently also an anti-vaxxer. In his latest Worldnetdaily column, he claims that vaccines are the cause of allergies and says some seriously dumb things along the way. Read more

Belief in Medical Conspiracies is Very High

Think Progress reports that about half of all Americans believe in at least one of six major conspiracy theories involving medicine and health, from anti-vaccine myths to the idea that the cures for diseases are being hidden from us by the pharmaceutical industry. Read more

Newsmax Pushes Health Quackery

A year or so ago, right-wing “news” site Newsmax emailed me with an exciting opportunity to put their RSS feed on my sidebar, offering to pay me for doing so. I published the email and mocked the hell out of the disingenuous marketing flunkie who sent it, claiming to be a huge fan of Freethought Blogs. Articles like this are the reason I wanted that site nowhere near this network: Read more

Dr. Oz Shouldn’t Use Twitter

In the wake of being firmly put in his place by Sen. Claire McCaskill during a Senate hearing, Dr. Oz apparently decided to ingratiate himself with his fans by asking what they were were eating that would be #OzApproved. It didn’t go well for him. Read more

How Does Dr. Oz Keep His License?

It’s documented to the point of undeniability that Dr. Oz promotes crank science and all manner of medical scams and frauds on his popular TV show. So how can he do that and still keep his medical license? Julia Belluz explains why. Hint: Because none of the groups that could do anything about it want to. Read more