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Mar 13 2014

Judge Who Thinks Prosecutors Should Follow Law Asked to Recuse Himself

Radley Balko, one of the very few journalists who actually pay attention to things like prosecutorial misconduct, reports on a South Carolina judge who recently criticized prosecutors who don’t follow the law and told them that he would be sanctioning them if it happens in his court.

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Feb 06 2014

‘Messiah’ Judge Fired in Tennessee

Remember the magistrate judge in Tennessee who ordered parents to change the name of their baby from Messiah because, she claimed, only Jesus could be the messiah? After being brought up on ethics charges, she has been removed from the bench by a higher court.

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Jan 31 2014

Judicial Panel Wants Marketing Christian Judge Fined, Suspended

Remember that judge in Florida who was accused of selling Christian books and other items from a company she owned to lawyers and others who had business before her court? The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission is recommending that she be reprimanded, fined and suspended over it.

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Jan 22 2014

A Crack of Transparency in Judicial Misconduct Proceedings

You may remember the case of Federal Judge Richard Cebull, who resigned last year after he was caught sending hundreds of disturbing, often racist, emails from his official email account. The most famous one, the one that was caught first, was this charming one about President Obama:

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Jan 13 2014

Newsmax: Obama ‘Seizes Control’ of D.C. Circuit

Here’s a great example of dishonest right-wing spin (and yes, there is dishonest left-wing spin as well) from Newsmax, which says that President Obama has “seized control” of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. OMG! Seized control? You mean like sent in armed agents to take it over? Not quite.

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Jan 07 2014

Weirdest Lawsuit Ever?

I’ve seen some bizarre lawsuits in my time but this one may take the cake. The losing candidate in a Democratic primary for the NYC City Council is suing the winning candidate, claiming a conspiracy that put a mural on her building that cursed her and robbed her of energy.

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Dec 27 2013

A Pair of Interesting Court Rulings on Marriage

A lot of attention has been paid to court rulings in Utah and New Mexico overturning those states’ bans on same-sex marriage, but there are a couple of other interesting court rulings in the last week that touch on the same issues in a more tangential way. In Ohio, a federal court ruled that the …

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Dec 27 2013

Psychic Sued in Texas

We’ve seen a significant ramping up of criminal prosecutions of “psychics” for defrauding their clients, but now an attorney in Houston is suing a local “psychic” for fraud after spending $3200 to have the “psychic” align his chakras so he could find love. The “treatment” didn’t work.

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Dec 20 2013

PA Wants Personal Information on Plaintiffs in Marriage Equality Suit

There’s a lawsuit going on in Pennsylvania over marriage equality and the attorneys for the state are demanding all sorts of irrelevant information on the personal romantic histories of the plaintiffs in the case. And a couple of the names involved should be familiar to many of you.

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Dec 03 2013

MN Attorney Suspended for Anti-Catholic Slurs

A couple years ago I wrote about an attorney in Minnesota named Rebekah Nett who had endeared herself in a bankruptcy case by filling a legal brief with bigoted slurs against the judge. Nett seems to have gone to the Larry Klayman school of legal writing, somehow believing that briefs should be filled with political …

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Nov 19 2013

No, This is Not a Judicial Ethics Scandal

PoliticsUSA, a highly partisan liberal website, has an article accusing Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas of violating federal judicial ethics standards by appearing at a Federalist Society fundraising dinner. But they dishonestly quote the judicial code of conduct in the process.

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Nov 12 2013

Lawsuit Against NJ Ban on Reversion Therapy Dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against New Jersey’s new law banning therapists from conducting “reversion therapy” to magically transform gay people into straight people. There are actually two suits, one filed by a therapist and another by the parents of a 15 year old boy who allegedly wants such therapy. Both were …

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Nov 05 2013

All Hail Captain Justice

I love coming across hilarious legal filings and Alex Songe pointed me to this one that is brilliant. In a criminal case, the prosecutor asked the judge to instruct the defense attorney to stop referring to them as “the government” (as in “the government hasn’t proven its case). This is very common terminology in a …

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Oct 30 2013

Name-Changing Judge Facing Ethics Charges

Remember the judge in Tennessee who unilaterally forced a child’s name to be changed from Messiah to something else, over the objections of both parents (who were in court to argue over the child’s last name)? She’s now facing formal judicial ethics charges over it.

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Oct 23 2013

Former Kansas AG Suspended by Court

You may vaguely remember Phillip Kline as the former Kansas attorney general who was absolutely obsessed with shutting down abortion clinics and harassing George Tiller. The Kansas Supreme Court has now unanimously voted to sanction Kline, suspend his law license and condemn him for a “substantial pattern of misconduct.”

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