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Feb 26 2013

Gohmert: Guns Needed to Stop Sharia Takeover

Rep. Louis Gohmert, who really must be the dumbest man in Congress (sorry, Steve King; keep trying), went on a right wing talk show and offered up a novel argument against gun control — it’s needed to stop the impending Sharia takeover of the country.

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Feb 07 2013

The Vanishing Threat of American Muslim Terrorism

And by vanishing, I don’t mean that the threat is disappearing, I mean that the threat is vanishingly small and always has been. A new study finds that there is very, very little threat of terrorist attacks from American Muslims despite the efforts of overseas Muslim reactionaries to create it. My former colleague Spencer Ackerman …

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Jan 18 2013

Jones Throws Fit About Muslim Books in Library

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NCrazy) is throwing a fit about a grant given to a community college in his district to buy books about Muslim culture. And apparently he thinks that the only people who would possibly want to learn anything about Muslim culture are Muslims:

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Jan 09 2013

Glazov: Obama Inviting Islamists to Invade

David Horowitz is thoroughly bugnutty, but one of his employees, Jamie Glazov, may be even worse. He went on the Janet Mefferd radio show — the place to be for paranoid right wing nutballs — and said that Obama has instituted speech codes and invited the Islamists to invade.

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Dec 17 2012

Report on ‘Pro-Muslim’ Bias in Texas School Backfires

A ridiculous chain email from a Tea Party nut claiming that the Irving School District in Texas was “indoctrinating children with Islam” led the school board to ask for a full investigation of the curriculum. The investigator found that the school was actually promoting Christianity, not Islam.

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Dec 11 2012

Farah’s Dishonest Handling of Polling Data

Over the last couple years, the Worldnutdaily has contracted with Wenzel Strategies to do polling, as many conservative groups do. And now he’s promoting a new poll by Wenzel that purports to show what Muslim-Americans really believe — naturally, it’s what Farah thinks they believe. But he wants to establish the poll’s credibility by emphasizing …

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Nov 28 2012

MI Republicans Push to Pass Anti-Sharia Law

With the current two year session of the Michigan state legislature set to expire at the end of the year, and with it all submitted bills, the state House is set to take up HB 4769, which would prohibit the use of foreign or Sharia law if its use would violate the rights of any …

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Nov 15 2012

Volokh on Muslims and Civil Liberties

Eugene Volokh is one of the top First Amendment scholars in the country and he was asked to testify at a hearing for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about the civil liberties environment for Muslims and Arabs in America after 9/11. He has been a strong advocate for the equal rights of Muslims, strongly …

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Oct 25 2012

Fischer Joins the Bizarre Lipkin Conspiracy

Avi Lipkin isn’t the only one pushing this absurd idea that Obama is trying to import Muslims to take over the country. He isn’t talking about 50-100 million of them — at least not yet — but he’s still claiming that Obama, and the all-powerful United Nations, are importing Muslims at an alarming rate and …

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Oct 24 2012

ZOMG! Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Romney Campaign!

That’s the latest hysterical — not funny hysterical but batshit crazy hysterical — declaration from the completely unhinged Pam Geller and her fellow Islamophobes like Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer. Right Wing Watch has links to all the absurd accusations:

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Oct 15 2012

Joyner: Hillary Clinton Advocating Sharia Law

Religious right loony Rick Joyner bizarrely claims that Hillary Clinton has been “advocating using Sharia and honoring Sharia law.” Uh, what? When? Please quote something that even suggests such a thing. Remember when the wingnuts threw a fit about Clinton urging mostly Muslim nations not to criminalize being gay? Hey, whatever works.

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Sep 29 2012

Boykin Measures the Religion in Islam

Retired Gen. Jerry Boykin continues to spew some of the most outlandish rhetoric in the country. He’s long claimed that Muslims should not be covered by the First Amendment, repeating the tired and absurd line that Islam isn’t a religion but is a political ideology, but now he’s actually put a number to it:

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Sep 25 2012

Ellis Washington: We’re All Under Sharia Law Now

Yes, that’s what Ellis Washington actually declares in his latest column for the Worldnutdaily, that we are all living under Sharia law now. Of course, the fact that he is free to publish such tripe, and to publish at all as a Christian, kind of disproves that hyperbolic nonsense — but he never was known …

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Sep 22 2012

Rushdie on Anti-Islam Film and Violence

Here’s an interview with Salman Rushdie discussing the now-infamous anti-Islam film that may have provoked the attacks in Libya and Egypt. He comes out strongly for the freedom of speech and argues, quite rightly, that the video may be disgusting, but violent reactions to it are far, far worse.

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Sep 13 2012

Court Refuses to Enforce Muslim Prenup

Here’s a rather odd twist on what one would expect in a case involving a Muslim divorce agreement — one where the Muslim legal principle would actually be better for the wife than what American law provides. But a Kansas court rejected the wife’s attempts to enforce what is called a “mahr contract” because it …

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