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Jon Stewart vs Louis Gohmert

Jon Stewart takes on the right wing’s freakout over 52,000 child refugees who have entered the country over the last few months, especially the incredibly stupid Louis Gohmert and one of his loopy House floor speech. This is funny stuff. Read more

Armed Bigots Protest Refugee Children in Michigan

The same group of xenophobic bigots who held their own meeting last week to throw a fit about the possibility of 120 child refugees being housed for a few weeks in Vassar, Michigan while they await an immigration hearing just held an armed march in that town to protest the same thing. Read more

Rios: Treat Refugee Children Like Lepers

Sandy Rios of the American Family Association knows just what Jesus would do with those 52,000 child refugees at our border: He’d quarantine them like lepers. I’m sure that’s exactly what he meant by “whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me also.” Read more

Tribalism and the Myth of the Diseased Immigrant

As we watch the right wing unconscionably attack thousands of child refugees who have come here for safety and opportunity, partly with the old trope about diseased immigrants, Jesse Singal notes that this reaction is based on tribalism and fear of the other that is deeply ingrained in us. Read more

The Bus Full of Refugees That Wasn’t

Adam Kwasman, a Republican state legislator now running for Congress in Arizona, is one of those far right politicians who is simultaneously demanding that all of the refugee children be sent back immediately and that Obama is to blame for the mistreatment that led them to come here in the first place. And he has an anecdote to prove it: Read more