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Walker Appointee’s Totally Not Racist Immigration Stance

Steven Krieser, the #3 official at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and a Scott Walker appointee, has been fired after posting a racist rant on Facebook against immigration. It started when a Democratic party official posted a picture of this sign: Read more

Bachmann: Immigration Reform = ‘No Future, No Hope’

Michele Bachmann showed her typically complete detachment from reality and ability to spout utter nonsense as long as it will make her audience afraid during a talk to college students affiliated with the Eagle Forum over the weekend. She told them that immigration reform would destroy their future. Read more

Racists: Immigration Reform = Civil War

The president of the racist, neo-Confederate League of the South says that if Congress passes immigration reform it will make the United States into another Yugoslavia and lead to another round of secessions and possibly another civil war. Read more

Wingnut: Muslims, Mexicans Killed Detriot

I’d never heard of Frosty Woolridge before finding a link to this column on a wingnut website. He’s an anti-immigration activist who has been everything from a dance teacher to a “lifestyle coach.” Whatever the hell that is. He used to live in Detroit but he says stupid things like this: Read more

King: Criticism of Me Shows America Will Not Survive

Rep. Steve King continues to deny that he said anything wrong in claiming that the overwhelming majority of Mexican immigrants are drug mules, appearing on Bryan Fischer’s radio show to claim that criticism of him proves that America “will not be able to sustain itself in the long run.” Narcissism, much? Read more