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Fox News Can’t Believe We Help Those Who Don’t Speak English

Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, easily the two dumbest men on television, are simply beside themselves at the idea that 911 emergency responders in Texas actually help people who don’t speak English. And they seem to think they’re supposed to determine whether someone is a citizen over the phone. Read more

Uh Oh. The Wingnuts Turn on Ted Cruz.

I wrote the other day about the transparent sham of Ted Cruz pretending to give a shit about the child refugees he’s using as a political weapon, but for his more bigoted and extremist followers he has now revealed himself as a bleeding heart liberal and probably a communist. These are from his Facebook page: Read more

Wingnut: 2nd Amendment Purpose to Repel Child Refugees

Jody Hice, the extremely far right House candidate in Georgia, knows what the First Amendment was for — repelling the “invasion” of helpless child refugees. And since the government won’t go down to the border and, presumably, shoot or threaten them, he thinks people should go do it themselves. Read more

Wingnut Xenophobe: Death Too Good for Obama

Stephen Steinlight is a senior policy analyst for bigoted anti-immigration group the Center for Immigration Studies. He likes to speak to Tea Party groups. And he likes to tell them that not only should Obama be impeached, being drawn and quartered is too good for him. Read more

Palumbo: Not In My Backyard

Remember Peter Palumbo, the Rhode Island state representative who famously called Jessica Ahlquist an “evil little thing”? Well he just wrote a letter to the governor of that state saying that while he has sympathy for those 52,000 child refugees, he doesn’t think we should do anything to help them — at least not in his state. Read more