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Jeb Bush Kills His Campaign Before It Starts

Jeb Bush apparently decided to destroy his chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination before he’d even decided whether to run when he made an entirely reasonable statement about why people often immigrate in order to help their families. Reasonable statements like this one do not help one in a Republican primary: Read more

Schlafly: Partisanship Over Principle, Always

Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum has a new report offering advice to the Republican party on how to handle the immigration issue. Not only do they not want them to support immigration reform of any kind, they think the GOP should try to cut legal immigration in half as well. Read more

Rubio’s Bizarre Dance on Immigration Reform

Remember when Marco Rubio was seen as a rising star in the GOP and a serious 2016 presidential contender? Part of the reason he’s no longer taken seriously is how he has handled the issue on which he staked his entire political appeal, immigration reform. ThinkProgres has a rundown of how he has flipped and flopped and now opposes the very bill he advocated: Read more

Rubio’s Unwitting Admission

Marco Rubio went on Fox News on Sunday and unwittingly admitted that the Republicans are so petty and focused on political revenge that they would refuse to work out an immigration plan with President Obama because he didn’t give in to them on the budget and debt ceiling fight. Read more

More of Gohmert’s Paranoid Fantasies

Rep. Louis Gohmert is much like Michele Bachmann, both in the sense that neither are very smart but also in the sense that neither one really cares whether what they say is true or not. If they overhear some little tidbit of information that fits their ideology, they will not only repeat it but build a whole narrative around it. You may remember that Bachmann did this with a nonsensical story about a kid becoming retarded because of a vaccine. It was total nonsense without a shred of evidence, but that didn’t stop Bachmann from repeating it on national television and making a fool out of herself. Here’s Gohmert’s most recent example of this phenomenon: Read more