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Jul 14 2014

Josephine Macintosh Speaks Out

Josephine Macintosh is the women Saudi Arabia tried like hell to silence, as they do all women, during a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council a couple weeks ago. She was there as a representative of CFI and Paul Fidalgo, CFI’s communications director, interviews her at Hemant’s blog.

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Jul 10 2014

Badawi Lawyer Gets 15 Years in Prison

Waleed Abulkhair, the Saudi human rights activist who was Raif Badawi’s attorney in his blasphemy trial, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in that country for “inciting public opinion against the government” and “insulting the country’s leaders and judiciary.”

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Jun 27 2014

Did Saudi Arabia Hurt Themselves?

You’ve probably seen stories about the Saudi Arabian delegation trying to quash the statement of a CFI representative about the Raif Badawi prosecution and brutal punishment for being an atheist. My friend Michael De Dora, CFI’s director of public policy, says they only hurt themselves with their behavior:

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Jun 25 2014

Saudi Arabia Tries to Censor Criticism in UN Human Rights Council

Monday morning, a representative of the Center for Inquiry was speaking at a meeting of the United Nations Council on Human Rights and was criticizing Saudi Arabia for its barbaric treatment of those accused of “blasphemy,” especially Raif Badawi. The Saudi representative tried three times to prevent her from speaking.

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Jun 24 2014

Meriam Ibrahim Freed by Sudanese Appeals Court

In a huge victory for human rights, Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian women in the Sudan that was sentenced to death for apostasy, has been released from prison after an appeals court overturned her conviction on those hideous charges. Now she has to get the hell out of that country.

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Jun 01 2014

UN Human Rights Chief Decries Honor Killing

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay strongly condemned the honor killing of a pregnant woman in Pakistan by her family as revenge for her marrying a man they did not approve of (they nearly killed him as well, but he apparently survived).

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May 27 2014

Sudan’s Inane Response to Criticism

The Sudanese embassy has released a patently ridiculous and self-contradictory statement regarding the death sentence they have handed down on a pregnant woman for apostasy after she converted to Christianity and married a Christian. Try to parse this bullshit:

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May 20 2014

National Leader Condemns Humanism, Secularism, Human Rights

A Christian prime minister came out bluntly in a speech last week and condemned humanism, secularism and human rights as a threat to the religious-based morality that is so important for maintaining national cohesion and stability.

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May 19 2014

Badawi’s Attorney Now in Prison Too

We know how Saudi Arabia treats atheists and any other religious minority, but apparently you can be thrown in jail for defending them in court as well. Raif Badawi’s attorney, Saudi human rights lawyer Waleed Abu al-Khair, has been arrested for “breaking allegiance to and disobeying the ruler.” He wrote about his impending arrest before …

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May 19 2014

UN Experts Strongly Criticize Saudi Arabia Over Badawi

A group of United Nations Special Rapporteurs has issued a statement strongly criticizing Saudi Arabia over the brutal sentence handed down against Raif Badawi for nothing more than expressing the fact that he’s an atheist and creating a platform to allow others to do so.

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May 14 2014

Anti-Gay Violence has Increased Ten-Fold in Uganda

As human rights activists warned and as any rational person predicted, the passage of a brutal new anti-gay law in Uganda has resulted in a huge increase in violent attacks on gay people in that country. I’m sure Scott Lively will be along any minute to tell us it’s all made up.

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May 09 2014

Badawi’s Oppressive Punishment Gets Worse

Raif Badawi, the atheist imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for blasphemy, has had his sentence made even worse than it already was. This comes only a few days after the Center for Inquiry held a protest at the Saudi embassy in Washington, DC.

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May 09 2014

Open Immigration as Humanitarian Necessity

Freddie DeBoer has what I think is a great idea. Rather than using the military for “humanitarian intervention” around the world, why not open up our immigration policies to take in those who find themselves oppressed or in danger in other countries?

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May 01 2014

Saudi Arabia Clueless About Human Rights

This may go down in the all-time annals of chutzpah. The Saudi Arabian government is complaining that the government of Norway isn’t doing enough to protect the human rights of Muslims. You know, like the “human right” to never hear anyone criticize their religion.

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Mar 21 2014

El Ghazzali Criticizes Blasphemy Laws at the UN

Kacem El Ghazzali, an atheist blogger from Morocco who now lives in exile in Switzerland because of that country’s authoritarian blasphemy laws, addressed the UN Human Rights Council and strongly criticized the use of blasphemy laws, including by several of the nations that sit on that council. The International Humanist and Ethical Union has the …

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