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Bachmann Babbles About Obamacare

Tuesday was the oral argument in the Hobby Lobby case, so some of the far right members of Congress decided to get up and spew some nonsense about the case and about Obamacare in general. Michele Bachmann’s contribution was a rambling, paranoid diatribe about how Obama was going to deny life-saving drugs to her. Read more

Hey Look, Another Lawsuit Over the Contraception Mandate

A class-action lawsuit by more than 200 Catholic organizations has been filed against the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate, bringing the total number of lawsuits filed against that provision of the law to approximately 89 bazillion. Read more

Obamacare Scare Victim Actually Saving Money

Remember that Michigan woman who starred in a commercial paid for by Americans for Prosperity to slam Rep. Gary Peters for voting for the Affordable Care Act, which claimed her health insurance costs would now be so high that she might die from cancer as a result? The conservative Detroit News reports that she will actually save at least $1200 a year. Read more

Jindal’s Fantasies of the Health Care Past

Bobby Jindal was invited to address CPAC, nearly doubling the number of non-white people in attendance, and he gave one of those classic conservative stump speeches about the good old days and how life would be so much better if we just went back to the days when people got healthcare for a handshake. Read more

Former Secret Service Agent Plays the Game

One of the rising stars of Wingnuttia is Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who quit, wrote a book with all kinds of vague accusations about how horrible President Obama is and is now running for Congress in Maryland. He spoke at CPAC and showed that he has already mastered the art of political dishonesty. Read more