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Ladies and Gentlemen, Christian Rap

I grew up listening to a lot of Christian rock, most of which, in retrospect, really sucked. But nothing could have prepared me for the horrors of Christian rap. Here are a couple videos that will probably leave your jaw on the floor as they did mine. This is spectacularly bad. Read more

The Moral Relativism of Fundamentalist Christianity

Greta Christina points out something that I’ve been saying for years about Christian fundamentalism, which is that despite its almost constant criticism of atheism as necessarily entailing “moral relativism,” its own moral view is, of necessity, a relativist one. She starts by quoting something written by Peter Hess of the National Center for Science Education about the first episode of the new Cosmos and its focus on the burning at the stake of Giordano Bruno: Read more

My Abiding Love for ‘God’s Not Dead’ (Spoilers)

I finally got to see God’s Not Dead on Saturday night along with Jeremy Beahan, Justin Schieber and Dave Fletcher (3/4 of the Reasonable Doubts guys). I had very high expectations for the movie to shatter the unintentional comedy scale and I was certainly not disappointed. I had a blast, though admittedly it was partly because of the company I was in. There are spoilers below, so stop reading if you don’t want to see them. Read more

Dan Fincke on God’s Not Dead

Dan Fincke went to see God’s Not Dead, the Christian movie about an atheist philosophy professor who is such a straw man that they might as well have had him played by a scarecrow. Since Dan is an atheist philosophy professor himself, he wrote approximately 48,000 words to review the movie. In the first of his reviews, he points out just how much every single non-Christian character is conveniently created to look just like the negative stereotypes they have of them: Read more

Checkmate, Atheists

J. Lee Grady, former editor of Charisma News, has an article in that magazine with a list of 7 things that prove God is real. It’s a devastating list, I’m sure you will agree. But he begins by telling us all why he feels so sad for us because he once spoke to a nasty old woman on the phone. Read more