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Putin is the One Showing Weakness

As the right fires up its mantra machine and chooses “Putin is exploiting Obama’s weakness to invade the Ukraine” as its collective response to the situation there, Zack Beauchamp argues, correctly I think, that the one who is showing weakness here is Putin. Read more

Gates: Obama Just Not Enthusiastic Enough

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a Republican that President Obama asked to stay on in that position after the 2008 election, has a new book out that apparently makes some rather incoherent criticisms of the president. Greg Jaffe has a review of the book in the Washington Post. One of the odd positions he evidently takes is that while Obama was right in his decisions about the war in Afghanistan, he just wasn’t sufficiently enthusiastic about it. Read more

Afghanistan Likely to Turn Ugly When We Leave

The American intelligence community has apparently now concluded what anyone with even a modest understanding of history and human nature could — and did — predict back in 2001: That when the American occupation of Afghanistan ends this year, it’s likely to descend into civil war and chaos. Read more

John Bolton’s Macho Foreign Policy

John Bolton, the far-right’s go-to guy on foreign policy, has a list of President Obama’s foreign policy “failures” that reveals much about the right-wing view of that subject. The psychological roots of that view, it seems to me, are found in typical American male psychology. Read more

Iran and the Many Forms of Envy

George Will has a refreshingly sensible column about the recent and tentative agreement with Iran over nuclear power and weapons, taking to task those neo-conservative critics who are right in pointing out the weaknesses of the agreement but entirely wrong about there being a better alternative. Read more