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Pussy Riot Members Violently Attacked

A few of the members of Pussy Riot may be out of prison, but they clearly aren’t out of danger. They’ve been arrested, struck with whips and now had acid thrown on them and been beaten by a mob of thugs at a McDonald’s in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Read more

Duke Porn Star Student Still Fighting Back

The young Duke University student who has been savaged for doing porn to pay for college is still being defiant and fighting back against the appalling behavior toward her. In a new XOJane article she reveals the name she uses in porn and her picture, then delivers a blistering rebuke to the assholes mistreating her. Read more

Slut Shaming at Duke University

An uproar has broken out on the campus of Duke University, where a freshman who makes porn movies to pay her tuition has had her identity outed and is facing the predictable slut-shaming that goes with it. But she’s not shrinking from it. She wrote an eloquent and compelling essay about it at XOJane. Read more

GUEST POST: Kile Jones Interviews Judith Butler

This is a guest post by Kile Jones, a religious studies PhD candidate at Claremont Lincoln University and founder of the Claremont Journal of Religion. He’s also a contributor to the Feminism and Religion blog. This is an interview he did recently with Judith Butler, one of the most prominent philosophers and feminists in the country. Read more

Morse’s Dishonest Framing

Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute, an affiliate of the National Organization for Marriage, has an interview with the National Catholic Register that shows just how utterly dishonest wingnuts can be in framing the issues they care about. Some of the rhetoric is simply inane: Read more