David Usher: A Wingnut’s Wingnut

You’ve probably never heard of David Usher. I hadn’t either until I saw this post from him. He’s the president of the Center for Marriage Policy, a group so off on the lunatic right wing fringe that he makes Maggie Gallagher sound like a gay rights activist. There are so many levels of crazy going on here you won’t believe it. Like did you know that same-sex marriage is all about feminism? And that feminism is unconstitutional?
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[Updated] Cain PAC Calls Accuser An ‘Ugly Bitch’

[Update] As I thought might be the case, this group has no official ties to Herman Cain. Some seem to think it’s a hoax site. I don’t know if that’s true, but it at least is not tied to the Cain campaign.

The official website of the Herman Cain PAC has an article calling Karen Kraushaar, one of his accusers, an “ugly bitch.” It actually says, “Ew, gross! Who the hell does this ugly b1tch think she’s fooling?” There’s no indication of the actual legal status of the group — their About Us page is blank — so I don’t know if this group has official ties to Cain’s campaign. But it is named after him, for crying out loud, and strongly supports him. And that speaks volumes. Here’s a picture in case it disappears:
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Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Personhood USA

Here’s a perfect nominee for the Bryan Fischer Award for extraordinary psychological projection in the service of warped ideology. Personhood USA, a group so extreme in its anti-abortion views that the Catholic Church won’t support them, actually complains about government paternalism. Right Wing Watch reports:
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