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Jul 24 2014

Defending the Indefensible

A guy I know on Google+ posted something about the Amazing Atheist, TJ Kincaid, and I commented and said “let’s hope that this creepy fuckstain called the ‘Amazing Atheist’ doesn’t threaten to rape her as he’s done to more than one woman in the past. You really shouldn’t be promoting a fucking asshole like this.” …

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Jul 18 2014

Republican Woman: Women Too Stupid for Charts and Data

I’m never surprised to hear a Republican legislator being sexist, but here’s an example of a female Republican legislator, Rep. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, during a meeting on how the GOP can better reach women, saying bluntly that women are too dumb to understand charts and graphs and stuff.

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Jul 17 2014

The Life of a Woman on Youtube

My friend Gretchen linked to this Jezebel article and noted that this is one of the reasons she hasn’t started a Youtube vlog. If this doesn’t ring true for you, you’re either completely oblivious or downright delusional about the way women are treated online (and offline too).

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Jul 13 2014

Paul Elam, King of the MRAs

Paul Elam is the owner of A Voice For Men and the guy who organized that men’s rights conference in Detroit a couple weeks ago. He’s also a vile, misogynist piece of shit all the way to the core. His own words make that absolutely clear and undeniable. David Futrelle has kindly provided a rundown …

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Jul 11 2014

Morse’ Bizarre View on the Hobby Lobby Ruling

Jennifer Roback Morse of the anti-gay Ruth Institute has some very strange thoughts about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling. In fact, she thanks God for the men on the Supreme Court who were “sticking up for women” in their ruling. But she means real women, not those evil feminist justices on the court.

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Jul 09 2014

Fox News Tells Women to Be Quiet

Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, undoubtedly the two dumbest men on television, have a message for women: Pipe down and know your place. They brought on the author of a book saying much the same thing on their morning show and casually told women to shut up.

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Jul 08 2014

Peterson: Feminists Are ‘Destroying Our Nation’

Jesse Lee Peterson, the deeply misogynist jerk who thinks women shouldn’t have the right to vote, is now claiming that “liberal women” and feminists are “destroying our nation day by day” because they’re “fascists in pantsuits.” Yes, a guy who thinks women should have the right to vote thinks women are being “fascists.”

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Jul 08 2014

British Judge Excuses Rapist

In an absolutely appalling case in England, a judge gave a convicted rapist a light sentence and said that he didn’t consider him a “classic rapist” because he had merely “lost control of normal restraint” when his drunk victim passed out at his house. It’s hard to not become enraged while reading this:

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Jul 07 2014

More Misogyny in the Meriam Ibrahim Case

Man, am I getting fed up with what is happening to Meriam Ibrahim. She was sentenced to death, freed by an appeals court but then not allowed to leave the country and now she’s living at the U.S. embassy. But now a lawsuit has been filed by her family of misogynists:

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Jul 03 2014

Peterson Thinks Marriage ‘Partnerships’ are Gay

The deranged bigot Jesse Lee Peterson had Dr. Albert Gibbs, a clinical psychologist, on a panel to discuss men and fatherhood recently. He asked Gibbs if the man should be the head of the wife and he said no, they should be partners. Peterson then said that the word “partner” is gay and any man …

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Jul 01 2014

How the Hobby Lobby Ruling Could Help Democrats

I think this Hobby Lobby ruling really could end up blowing up in the faces of the Republicans and it could happen relatively soon. If the Democrats are smart, they should have campaign commercials on this issue running tomorrow, especially in key Senate races.

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Jun 19 2014

‘Next Elliot Rodger’ Arrested in Seattle

A man who declared himself to be the “next Elliot Rodger” and promised that he would do it even better by killing only women has been arrested in Seattle. Thankfully, in addition to being a misogynist and a sociopath, he’s also an idiot and posted his plans online.

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Jun 18 2014

Fox Freaks About Anti-Feminist Hashtag

The Fox News weekend morning show, led by the perpetually ridiculous Tucker Carlson, criticized an anti-feminist Twitter hashtag calling for the end of Father’s Day. Which would be a good thing except they blamed it all on feminists rather than on anti-feminists.

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Jun 03 2014

Story of Stoned Pakistani Woman Gets Worse

In case you didn’t think the story of the pregnant woman who was stoned to death by her family for marrying someone they didn’t approve of, think again. Turns out the guy she married killed his first wife so he could marry her and got virtually no punishment for it.

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Jun 03 2014

Ignoring the Misogynist Plank in Christianity’s Eye

Matthew 7:3 is a verse about hypocrisy. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” it asks. Audrey Russo at BarbWire ignores that verse, along with many others in an insipid column about the Isla Vista shootings in which …

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