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Nov 22 2013

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: The Discovery Institute

My dear friend Genie Scott is retiring as the executive director of the National Center for Science Education and the NCSE board named Ann Reid, who looks like she could be Genie’s sister, as her replacement. So the Discovery Institute’s David Klinghoffer put up a snarky post on their blog calling the NCSE a “leading …

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Nov 21 2013

Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Freshwater Firing

The Ohio Supreme Court upheld the firing of John Freshwater by a 4-3 vote that avoided all of the important constitutional questions in the case and ruled strictly on the basis of Freshwater’s insubordination after being ordered to remove religious material from his classroom.

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Nov 19 2013

ICR Museum Can’t Has Membership

With all the attention paid to Ken Ham’s creation museum over the last few years, it’s easy to forget about the Institute for Creation Research’s museum in Southern California. And the local museum council apparently wants to forget about them, since they denied them membership in their organization:

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Nov 15 2013

Creationism and the Argument From Thorns

You’ve heard Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s brilliant argumentum ad banana. And perhaps even Chuck Missler’s equally brilliant argument ad peanut butterum. Now I give you Institute for Creation Research president John Morris’ argument from thorns.

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Nov 09 2013

Rafael Cruz Disproves Evolution

Here’s another video of Rafael Cruz, wingnut father of Sen. Ted Cruz and his primary political surrogate, saying really stupid things about evolution. In this one, he pulls out an argument that I’m sure he thinks is the silver bullet that destroys evolution: Mutations are bad.

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Nov 07 2013

Rafael Cruz: Evolution is a Communist Lie

Ted Cruz’ father Rafael is finding more and more of his frequent idiotic statements being noticed and publicized. Here he is at a men’s prayer breakfast in Texas in June declaring that evolution is unscientific and is communist propaganda. Because that’s totally reasonable.

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Nov 05 2013

Farah on the Mythical Days of Noah

Joseph Farah is warning his fellow Christians to “be prepared.” For what? For the coming tribulations, which he thinks they should prepare themselves for rather than sitting around waiting to be raptured. And he’s pointing to the Biblical example of Noah to teach the lesson:

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Nov 03 2013

FTE Defends ‘Of Pandas and People’

It’s been 8 years since the Dover trial took place, resulting in an overwhelming victory for science over creationist scheming, and now the Foundation for Thought and Ethics, which published the textbook Of Pandas and People at the center of that case, are trying to “set the record straight” and tell the “untold story” — …

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Oct 27 2013

Ken Miller on the Dover Trial

I came across this Youtube video of Ken Miller giving a talk about Intelligent Design and the Dover trial. I had given a talk myself about that trial around the same time, but his is, of course, much better than mine. It’s about an hour long but very much worth watching. Prof. Miller is brilliant …

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Oct 15 2013

Thank You, Pastor Donn Chapman

In Pennsylvania the legislature is considering a bill that would “protect the academic freedom” to question evolution, the latest strategy by the creationists to get religion into science classrooms. But as always, they just can’t keep the supporters of such legislation from spilling the beans:

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Oct 13 2013

Save Us From Ignorant Reporters

Paul Fidalgo flags an interview in the New York Times with Bill and Melinda Gates by a reporter named Claudia Dreifus, who clearly has no idea what Richard Dawkins’ selfish gene theory is about. She has the following exchange with them in the interview:

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Oct 09 2013

Spewing Creationist Nonsense Like It’s 1999

With the filing of a lawsuit to prevent the teaching of evolution in Kansas, I feel like we’re flashing back to 1999, when the first creationism battles in that state took place. It even involves the same people, like John Calvert, a Kansas attorney who is absolutely obsessed with stopping the teaching of science in …

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Oct 08 2013

Cargill’s Appeal to Non-Authority

As the Texas State Board of Education battles over the purchase of new science textbooks, trying as always to weaken the teaching of evolution and inject creationism, the board Chairperson Barbara Cargill is defending the appointment of non-experts based on their entirely irrelevant credentials:

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Oct 06 2013

*Yawn* Evolution Blamed for Hitler. Again.

Jerry Bergman, one of the many creationists who claim fake credentials as real (his “doctorate” is from Columbia Pacific University, an unaccredited diploma mill that was so bad that the courts shut it down in 200), has a new book out that — stop me if you’ve heard this before — claims that evolution is …

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Oct 03 2013

WND Promotes Crackpot

The Worldnetdaily offers a video by Sid Roth that claims to have “proof [that] evolution is not scientific.” The video features Bruce Malone, who makes some truly silly claims about science and evolution. Among other things:

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