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The Carroll-Craig Debate

The video of the debate between cosmologist Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig is finally up. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but people I respect a lot thought that Carroll really put Craig on the defensive in a way that few others have. Video below the fold. Read more

IN Biology Teacher Using Hovind Videos in Class

A high school biology teacher in Goshen, Indiana (just across the Michigan border) has apparently been showing videos from Kent Hovind to his classes. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has written a letter to the school demanding that it be stopped. Read more

Perkins Babbles About Science

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council and a man of staggering ignorance and dishonesty, babbled incoherently about evolution and climate change on his radio show this week. Evolution is wrong because he can list some phrases he doesn’t understand at all and there’s more evidence for God sending bad weather than for global warming. Read more

Awesome New Cambrian Fossil Find

Scientists have announced an incredible find, a fossil bed in the same formation as the Burgess Shale that contains a staggering number of well-preserved, soft-bodied organisms that should provide a massive amount of new data to fill in some gaps in the fossil record of the Cambrian era. Read more

Why People Don’t Accept Evolution

Cameron Smith has an interesting column in the Skeptical Inquirer that I think makes a valuable point. People have a difficult time accepting evolution even if they aren’t particularly religious. Why? At least partly because our brains seem biased against non-teleological thinking: Read more