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The Scopes Trial Still Fascinates

Rachel Maddux has an interesting article about the annual celebration of the Scopes trial in the town where it took place, Dayton, Tennessee. One of the things that most people don’t understand about the trial is that it was almost entirely a show trial, engineered by both the town and the ACLU (the former for financial reasons, the latter for legal reasons). Read more

Joe the Plumber Found Noah’s Ark!

Okay, not really. But I just found this and had to laugh. On good ol’ Joe’s website there’s a posting from December by a guy named Mark Martineau breathlessly proclaiming that Noah’s Ark has been found — and of course he can’t believe that the evil…well, someone…has been “keeping us in the dark.” Read more

SC Education Candidate Wants Creationism in Schools

Sheri Few, one of the many Republicans running to be the next superintendent of education in the state of South Carolina, thinks that schools should teach the “scientific theory of intelligent design” as an alternative to evolution. And she seems to have no idea what the word “objective” means. Read more

No Tax Breaks for Ark Park?

Answers in Genesis famously was given $43 million in tax breaks by the state of Kentucky a few years ago, but according to a local news site in that state those breaks have expired and they have had to reapply for them with a dramatically scaled-down project. Read more

Ken Ham Done Got Himself a Dinosaur

Ken Ham and the folks at the Creation Museum are very excited about fossil Allosaurus specimen that has been donated to them by the Peroutka Foundation, run by Christian Reconstructionist (read: religious fascist) Michael Peroutka. So excited that they’re saying predictably dumb things about it: Read more