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Comfort vs Tyson: TKO

Ray Comfort took on Neil deGrasse Tyson and the new Cosmos on his show this week. Talk about trying to punch above your weight class. Even for a young earth creationist, his arguments are breathtakingly stupid. And he has absolutely no idea what science is: Read more

Creationists Want Equal Time on Cosmos

Okay, this is just hilarious to me. Young earth creationists are whining that they’re not allowed to make their case on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s remake of Cosmos. It’s just unfair, you see, that he isn’t giving them equal time on his TV show. You know, like preachers always do in churches by letting scientists rebut their sermons every week. Read more

Peroutka: Teaching Evolution is ‘Disloyalty to America’

Right Wing Watch found a video of Michael Peroutka, former presidential candidate of the Constitution Party and a confirmed Christian theocrat, saying that evolution is “dangerous” and “anti-American” that teaching evolution or an old age for the earth is “disloyalty to America.” This video really must be seen to be believed. Read more

How to Expose Creationist Science Teachers

Hemant has the story of a 500 page book that a public school science teacher gave to his students to teach them creationism instead of evolution. That was about a decade ago, but the book itself just became available. It’s every bit as bad as you might imagine. This went on for 15 years before someone finally exposed it, anonymously. If no one blows the whistle on it, this kind of thing can go on forever. And we know from surveys that an astonishing percentage of science teachers are really teaching creationism. So how can you stop this? By filing open records requests. You can go to your local public school and file a Freedom of Information Act request (or the state equivalent of one) and in most states, the teachers have to give you all of the material they are using to teach their classes. If you discover that one is handing out creationist material, go to the ACLU, Americans United, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, or just send it to me and I’ll make sure it gets into the right hands.

If Attorneys Argued Like Creationists

I had this idea come to me during a discussion in a hangout recently. Imagine for a moment that a defense attorney in a murder case used the kind of argument that young earth creationists use against, say, radiometric dating. In response to every piece of evidence presented, they would name all the “assumptions” being made. Read more