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May 26 2014

Wingnuts and the Art of Hyperbole

I often wonder if there isn’t some secret competition going on among the wingnuts to see who can come up with the most hyperbolic and ridiculous statement, especially about LGBT equality. Don Boys, a former Indiana legislator turned pundit, gives it his best shot while throwing a fit about the Michael Sam kiss.

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May 25 2014

How Court Victories Drive Social Progress

As the court rulings in favor of equality continue to pile up in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Windsor — so far, every federal court since then has struck down state laws banning same-sex marriage when challenged — Scott Lemieux argues that such rulings can help drive public opinion.

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May 23 2014

Pennsylvania Won’t Appeal Marriage Ruling

Gov. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania has decided not to appeal the federal court ruling, written by Judge John. E. Jones of Dover trial fame, striking down that state’s ban on same-sex marriage. In his statement, he said he didn’t think the state was likely to win an appeal:

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May 22 2014

Judge Jones Strikes Down PA Marriage Law

Boy, if Judge John E. Jones thought the far right attacked him for his ruling in the Dover trial, this is really going to open the floodgates. He has now struck down Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage, the latest in a long string of legal defeats for the opponents of equality. His ruling begins:

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May 21 2014

Jesse Lee Peterson is Not a Happy Camper

Right wing fringe figure Jesse Lee Peterson is highly agitated at the moment. He’s upset because he saw a man — GASP! — kiss another man on television. And because this is apparently going to destroy free speech and turn other men gay and cause dogs and cats to live together.

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May 21 2014

Liberty Counsel’s Bad Arguments in Michigan Marriage Case

Liberty Counsel has filed a brief in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in the case that overturned Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage on behalf of the American Family Association of Michigan and its president, virulent bigot Gary Glenn. I’m sure it will come as a huge surprise to hear that the arguments it contains …

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May 20 2014

Star Parker’s Terrible Reasoning

Star Parker’s latest Worldnetdaily column declares that “the battle’s not over” on same-sex marriage. She admits that public opinion has shifted dramatically, but her argument isn’t that it’s going to shift back but that not enough black people have been convinced to support equality yet.

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May 19 2014

Anti-Gay Pastors Hold a Press Conference

That group of virulently anti-gay black pastors from Michigan held a press conference to announce their filing of an amicus brief in the Michigan same-sex marriage case the other day and flew into some serious flights of rhetorical fancy in making their case.

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May 18 2014

TMLC Files Brief in Marriage Case for Black Pastors

The Thomas More Law Center has filed a brief in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in the case that struck down Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage on behalf of the Coalition of Black Pastors, a group of African-American bigots from my home state. Most of it seems to be an expression of their outrage …

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May 17 2014

Kentucky’s Bad Arguments on Marriage Equality

A federal appeals court is hearing an appeal by the state of Kentucky of a ruling that struck down that state’s law banning same-sex marriage. In a brief filed with the court, the state confirms that the only arguments that can be offered for such a ban are really, really bad.

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May 16 2014

Sandy Rios’ ‘Holy Spirit’ is ‘Revulsed’

It’s been kind of fun watching the Christian right bigots lose their damn minds over seeing Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend after finding out he’d been drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Sandy Rios’ reaction is particularly amusing to me. Her “holy spirit” is “revulsed” and she just couldn’t bear to watch.

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May 15 2014

The Peter No Like Gay Kisses

Peter LaBarbera is upset. Okay, so Peter LaBarbera is always upset. Sputtering rage is his default setting because he just hates living in a society that is starting to treat gay people as human beings with equal rights. But being “forced” to see Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend on TV may have been the last …

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May 14 2014

Anti-Gay Violence has Increased Ten-Fold in Uganda

As human rights activists warned and as any rational person predicted, the passage of a brutal new anti-gay law in Uganda has resulted in a huge increase in violent attacks on gay people in that country. I’m sure Scott Lively will be along any minute to tell us it’s all made up.

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May 13 2014

State Judge Strikes Down AR Marriage Ban

Arkansas’ ban on same-sex marriage has been struck down, but by a state judge rather than a federal one. Much of the decision is based on the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, however. And the judge also explicitly said that LGBT people have “suspect class” status that triggers heightened review, though that wasn’t …

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May 13 2014

Linda Harvey: World Class Bigot

Even among the anti-gay Christian right, Linda Harvey distinguishes herself as a particular virulent bigot. I’d rank her with the likes of Scott Lively, Fred Phelps and Robert Oscar Lopez as among the most extreme hatemongers in the group. This column at Barbwire demonstrates why.

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