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Utah Withdraws Use of Regnerus Study

On Thursday the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the appeal of a district court decision striking down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage. In the wake of the Michigan case, they sent a letter to the court distancing itself from Mark Regnerus’ terrible study, which they had used at the trial level. That letter said, in part: Read more

Liberty U. Hires Gay Choreographer

When they’re not ranting about how gay people are trying to destroy America, God and civilization itself, Liberty University takes a timeout from their bigotry to hire gay people as long as they have a skill that they can’t find among the righteous. You know, like choreography. Read more

Starnes Bleats About Marriage

Todd Starnes of Fox News can almost always be counted on to offer the most hysterical and overblown perspective on any issue. In a column at Charisma News he makes some terrible arguments and unsupported claims about same-sex marriage, but he starts by displaying his inability to distinguish between TV and reality. Read more

Why Talking About Equality Matters

A new study finds that merely talking to someone about LGBT equality makes it more likely that they will change their mind on issues like same-sex marriage. And it’s even more true if the person talking to them is gay themselves, apparently. Read more

ADF Spins Obvious Loss

The Supreme Court on Monday denied cert in a case involving a photography business in New Mexico that refused to serve a lesbian couple’s wedding. The Alliance Defending Freedom represented the business and they seem to be straining really hard to put a positive spin on that: Read more