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Richwine: Regnerus Victim of ‘Witch Hunt’

Jason Richwine, whose terrible research on immigration has prompted a great deal of entirely warranted criticism, wonders whether sociologists will study whether gay marriages are more likely to end in divorce than straight marriages. And he begins with this absurd claim: Read more

FRC: Regnerus Study the ‘Gold Standard’

The new study out of Australia that finds the children of gay parents do at least as well as the children of straight parents (better, by some measures) has the anti-gay bigots in this country scrambling. The Family Research Council made this lame attempt to refute it by citing the ridiculous Regnerus study as the “gold standard” of such research. Read more

Study: Same-Sex Couples Raise Healthy Children

The largest study ever conducted of families headed by same-sex couples has concluded that the children raised in such families are as psychologically and physically healthy as children from more traditional families, indeed slightly more so. The study, published in BMC Public Health, looked at 500 children from 390 families in Australia headed by gay couples. Read more

Principal Cancels Play, Claims No Gay People Exist There

The principal of a school in Pennsylvania forced the drama department to cancel a production of Monty Python’s Spamalot because two of the characters in it are gay and, she claimed, there are no gay people in their small town so it would be inappropriate. Read more

Fischer Predicts Backlash Against Pro-Equality Companies

As the cultural tide turns steadily toward equality for LGBT Americans, more and more companies are showing themselves to be gay friendly in their advertisements. Bryan Fischer is just sure this is going to cause a huge backlash against them…annnnnny minute now. Read more