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How to Handle a Bigoted College Speaker

Unhinged bigot Peter LaBarbera recently spoke at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio and a group of pro-equality students there gave a textbook example of how you deal with such a speaker without violating their free speech rights or the right of other students to hear him speak. Kate Geiselman, one of the students who led the effort, tells the story: Read more

Russian Anti-LGBT Demonization Leads to Violence

It’s been clear for some time now that Russia’s harsh anti-gay law passed last year is creating an atmosphere that encourages violence against gay people and that the Russian government has little inclination to protect them from it. Right Wing Watch quotes human rights activists on the nature of that atmosphere: Read more

Bill Russell Sees Parallels Between Race and Sexual Orientation in Sports

I don’t have a lot of heroes but Bill Russell might qualify. He’s not only one of the greatest basketball players ever, he’s also a man who showed tremendous courage and integrity in dealing with racial backlash in Boston, at the time one of the more racist cities in the country. And he says that the battles of gay athletes today mirror his experiences: Read more

American Decency Association: OMG! North Korea!

The sound and fury emanating from the Christian right over the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear an appeal of a New Mexico case where a photography business refused to shoot a lesbian wedding is music to my ears. The American Decency Association says we’re now like North Korea! Read more

Ooh, a New Anti-Marriage Equality Argument

Josh Charles, who will soon be attending Regent University Law School, promises in this Worldnetdaily column to deliver “the argument against gay marriage you’ve never heard of.” Okay, my interest is piqued. Spoiler alert: It’s not new and it’s really dumb. And here it is: Read more