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‘Ex-Gay’: I’m a Threat to Satan

Janet Boynes, Michele Bachmann’s favorite “ex-gay” activist, went on the Steve Deace show and said that homosexuality is really all about a huge battle between God and Satan and that Satan is attacking her because she’s such a threat to his side of that battle. Read more

KKK Shooter Had Role in Anti-Gay Murder

For several years I had the privilege of being the editor for reporter Todd Heywood with the Michigan Messenger. He’s now broken a potentially huge story about Frazier Glenn Miller, the former KKK leader who allegedly killed three people at a pair of Jewish centers in Kansas last weekend. Turns out he may have played a role in a triple homicide of young gay men in North Carolina in the 80s as well. Read more

March for Marriage 2: Electric Boogaloo

After last year’s March for Marriage was a massive failure (fewer people showed up than for the Reason Rally), the National Organization for Marriage is now planning March for Marriage 2: Electric Boogaloo for June 19. That’s a month after a few hundred wingnuts who think they’re 20 million strong are planning to remove Obama from office. And they need your money: Read more

The Personal is the Political is the Legal

One of the revelations in a much-criticized book about the history of the fight for marriage equality (Andrew Sullivan, who really did play a huge role in that history, has rightly slammed the book for ignoring everything prior to 2008) is that the attorney who defended Prop 8 has a gay daughter and is now planning her wedding. Read more

Obama’s Fake ‘Evolution’ on Marriage Equality

When President Obama finally finished his much ballyhooed “evolution” on same-sex marriage during the 2012 election, I pointed out that the entire thing was fake. It was pure political calculation, not some principled change in position. The author of a new book on the subject confirms that conclusion. Read more