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Anti-Environmentalist Imagines Hypocrisy

Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation is no stranger to bad arguments. This is a guy who says that if we believe in the reality of global warming or want to use less fossil fuels, we’re “insulting” God. Now he’s imagining hypocrisy in his opponents while ignoring his own: Read more

Coal Company to File Frivolous Lawsuit Against EPA

From the Annals of What the Fuck Are You Thinking: The CEO of Murray Energy, one of the largest coal producers in the country, is planning to sue the EPA on the grounds that they’ve been lying about global warming. Because the earth is really getting cooler. Seriously. Read more

Mary Landrieu’s Brave Battle With Reality

Sen. Mary Landrieu is a Democrat but she knows quite well what her base is. You don’t get elected from either party in Louisiana if you piss off the oil and gas interests that control that state, which is why she’s holding a press conference to protest the EPA’s new rules on power plant emissions at one of the nation’s dirtiest coal plants. Read more

Jindal Protects Oil Companies From Responsibility

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal knows one thing. Okay, he knows two things — how to do exorcisms and how to be a dutiful little lickspittle for his corporate paymasters, the oil and gas companies. He just signed into law a bill to protect them against having to take responsibility for the environmental damage they do. Read more

Court: BP Has to Pay Federal Fines

Though British Petroleum has put commercials on the air talking about how they’re taking responsibility for the horrific oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico four years ago, they’ve been fighting in court to get out of the fines for malfeasance that caused the spill. An appeals court has just smacked them down pretty hard. Read more