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The Disparate Racial Impact of Pollution

One of the subjects I think should get a lot more attention is environmental justice. Poor and minority populations are far more likely to be located near highly polluting facilities like energy plants and the result, a new study found, is that people of color breathe much worse air, on average, than white people do. Read more

Those Damn Progressives and Their Science

The Worldnetdaily assigned its boy wonder, Aaron Klein, to write an article about research being done on renewable energy generated by ocean tides. Naturally, the tone is skeptical, though devoid of good reasons for it. It’s all about those silly progressives, don’t you know. Read more

BP Refinery Leaks Oil Into Lake Michigan

A BP oil refinery in Whiting, Indiana sprung a leak and spewed oil into Lake Michigan. There doesn’t seem to be an estimate of how much oil leaked, but it was enough to cover about 5000 square feet. This is almost certainly tar sands oil, which reacts differently in the water than conventional crude. Read more

Duke Energy Hit With New Illegal Dumping Allegations

Duke Energy is already responsible for a massive leak of toxic coal ash into waterways in North Carolina but now they’ve been hit with charges by state environmental regulators that they illegally dumped 61 million gallons of unfiltered coal ash waste into a tributary to a major river system. Read more

Inhofe Could Chair Environment Committee

Sen. James Inhofe, a startlingly ignorant man, will once again become the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee if the Republicans retake control of the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections. Let that thought sink in without shuddering. Read more