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Apr 20 2014

The Disparate Racial Impact of Pollution

One of the subjects I think should get a lot more attention is environmental justice. Poor and minority populations are far more likely to be located near highly polluting facilities like energy plants and the result, a new study found, is that people of color breathe much worse air, on average, than white people do.

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Apr 03 2014

Those Damn Progressives and Their Science

The Worldnetdaily assigned its boy wonder, Aaron Klein, to write an article about research being done on renewable energy generated by ocean tides. Naturally, the tone is skeptical, though devoid of good reasons for it. It’s all about those silly progressives, don’t you know.

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Mar 27 2014

BP Refinery Leaks Oil Into Lake Michigan

A BP oil refinery in Whiting, Indiana sprung a leak and spewed oil into Lake Michigan. There doesn’t seem to be an estimate of how much oil leaked, but it was enough to cover about 5000 square feet. This is almost certainly tar sands oil, which reacts differently in the water than conventional crude.

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Mar 25 2014

Duke Energy Hit With New Illegal Dumping Allegations

Duke Energy is already responsible for a massive leak of toxic coal ash into waterways in North Carolina but now they’ve been hit with charges by state environmental regulators that they illegally dumped 61 million gallons of unfiltered coal ash waste into a tributary to a major river system.

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Mar 23 2014

Inhofe Could Chair Environment Committee

Sen. James Inhofe, a startlingly ignorant man, will once again become the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee if the Republicans retake control of the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections. Let that thought sink in without shuddering.

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Mar 12 2014

Epstein: Climate Change Concern Due to ‘Human Racism’

Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress was on a panel discussion at CPAC about climate change and gave an absolutely bizarre diatribe claiming that concern about climate change is the result of “human racism,” which he defines as the idea that anything “man-made” must be bad.

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Feb 24 2014

Exxon CEO: Fracking is For the Plebes

Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon, is a big fan of fracking and a strong critic of attempts to regulate fracking to protect the environment. Unless it’s the environment of his horse ranch, then he files a lawsuit to prevent it from happening lest it affect his property values.

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Feb 18 2014

Feds Investigating NC Coal Ash Spill

There’s now a federal criminal investigation of Duke Energy and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory after a coal ash retention pond leaked 82,000 tons of coal ash and nearly 30 million gallons of contaminated water into a river. McCrory is a former Duke Energy executive and his administration has been protecting the company from civil …

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Feb 13 2014

Coal Ash Spill Hits West Virginia

On the heels of the massive chemical leak that made the water in Charleston, West Virginia undrinkable, more than 100,000 gallons of toxic coal ash slurry has leaked into a river in Kanawha County. This also comes soon after a much bigger coal ash leak in North Carolina.

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Feb 13 2014

NC Govt. Prevented Cleanup of Coal Ash Site

Remember that coal ash retention pond owned by Duke Energy that leaked nearly 30 million gallons of toxic slurry into a river in North Carolina? Well the government agency that was supposed to regulate that company’s facility was instead helping protect it. And the governor worked for Duke Energy for 28 years. I’m sure that’s …

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Feb 06 2014

Massive Coal Ash Spill Hits North Carolina

Eden, North Carolina is the site of a massive and devastating leak of toxic coal ash from a mothballed coal plant after a burst pipe drained millions of gallons from a retention pond into a river. It’s a disaster that could easily have happened all over the country, and already has in some places.

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Jan 03 2014

Why the New Light Bulbs Matter

As of January 1, there will be no more old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs produced or sold in the United States (there are newer halogen incandescent bulbs, however, which use considerably less energy). The Natural Resources Defense Council explains why this matters:

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Oct 17 2013

The Petroleum Coke Problem

A couple months ago, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing ordered the removal of huge piles of petroleum coke, a by-product of refining tar sands oil into gasoline and other products, from land along the Detroit River. Now the same problem is growing in the Chicago area where refineries are producing even larger amounts of the stuff.

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Sep 16 2013

Exxon Facing Criminal Charges for Fracking Fluid Dump

Exxon has been hit with criminal charges from the state of Pennsylvania for dumping nearly 60,000 gallons of wastewater from fracking wells into the environment without treating it. The company admits that it did so, but says it wasn’t negligent and therefore did not commit a crime.

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Sep 12 2013

A Canadian Pipeline to Rival Keystone XL

As we wait on the Obama administration to make a final decision on whether to give the go-ahead to build the Keystone XL pipeline — he’ll approve it eventually — the company that owns it, TransCanada, is now proposing a massive new pipeline that would go all the way across Canada.

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