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Liberty Counsel Helps Set Up ‘American’ Clubs in Schools

Matt Barber has Christian Reconstructionists writing for his new website and now Liberty Counsel, the organization he works for, is helping students set up “American Clubs” in secondary schools. What are American Clubs? Groups set up by the Institute on the Constitution, which is also run by Christian Reconstructionists and white nationalists. Read more

Fischer Wants Prison for Adultery

If you want a vision of the totalitarian theocracy that Bryan Fischer thinks we should all live in, look no further than a recent broadcast of his radio show where he said that he’d be “absolutely fine with a fifteen year incarceration for the crime of adultery.” Read more

Gary Cass is a Theocrat

Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission goes full theocrat in this enraged tirade against “black-robed tyrants.” He demands a return to the days of absolute theocracy, with every law in line with his interpretation of the Bible. Read more

Appeals Court Overturns Appalling Bill Graves Decision

An Oklahoma state judge named Bill Graves has had his decision to deny a transgender woman a legal name change overturned by an appeals court. Graves actually quoted the Bible in his ruling and the appeals court ruled that he abused his discretion in denying the name change. Read more

Dwyer, Peroutka and Whitney Hatch a Plan

Remember Don Dwyer, the Maryland state legislator who got drunk and crashed his boat into a bunch of people, sending 7 of them to the hospital including several children, then blamed his drinking on the fact that he had lost a vote on same-sex marriage? Jonathan Hutson has some interesting information about him that I did not know. Like the fact that he used to be the executive director of Michael Peroutka’s theocratic Institute on the Constitution. And he may well be the one who got Peroutka and David Whitney, both high-ranking members of the neo-Confederate League of the South, to switch their party registrations to run for office in Maryland. Read more