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Cain Gets His Demagogue On

Hermain Cain did an interview with a far right Israeli newspaper called Israel Hayom and engaged in some serious demagoguery, with a whole lot of ignorance unsurprisingly thrown in for good measure. But he also revealed who might be his VP choice if he gets the nomination: Read more

Funniest Thing I Read Today

Herman Cain is trying to shore up his foreign policy cred by hiring a consultant to give him a few clever catchphrases to throw around that sound inspiring and compelling. Like this one, from the consultant himself: Read more

The Smartest Thing Said Yet About Iraqi Withdrawal

Conor Friedersdorf explains to the neo-cons who have yet to meet an invasion they didn’t love that the argument that leaving Iraq strengthens Iran’s influence in the region is an argument against intervention in the first place: Read more

Gingrich’s Confusion on Iraq

ThinkProgress shows how confused Newt Gingrich is on the subject of the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. First he said that Obama was doing the right thing by not leaving a small contingent of troops behind because they would just become convenient targets: Read more

Kristol Wants Another War

Bill Kristol, who has never seen a proposed invasion that didn’t give him an erection, now has his sights set on Iran. He’s using the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador as a pretext for launching yet another multi-trillion dollar war that will end up killing hundreds of thousands of people not named Bill Kristol: Read more