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Nope, Still No Real Cuts to ‘Defense’

As the right wing continues to absolutely freak out about those “deep cuts” to “defense” spending that are allegedly being proposed by the Obama administration, Eric Stoner points out the absurdity of those claims at Alternet, noting that there are no real cuts and that our real defense spending is actually much higher than the Pentagon’s budget. Read more

The ‘Smallest Military in Decades’ Lie

With the Pentagon facing cuts to a tiny portion of its budget, the right wing is in full freakout mode and they’re lying to support the claim that we need to spend more, not less, on weapons. PolitiFact takes Mitt Romney to task for the standard lie we’re hearing these days, that “our Navy is smaller than it’s been since 1917. Our Air Force is smaller and older than any time since 1947.” Read more

Iraq: Worth The Cost?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had a press conference in Turkey a couple weeks ago after participating in a ceremony in Baghdad marking the end of America’s official (but not unofficial) military presence in that country. And he claimed that the invasion of Iraq was worth the cost: Read more

The Defense Bill and Indefinite Detention

There seems to be a disagreement between a couple of prominent commentators on whether the defense authorization bill passed last week does or does not allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens. Adam Server, writing at Mother Jones, says it doesn’t: Read more

Defense Spending, Employment and Republican Cluelessness

The defense industry is now promoting a report that says cutting defense spending will lead to more unemployment. A trillion dollars in cuts over a decade, they say, will lead to the loss of one million jobs. Republicans will undoubtedly start using this report as a reason not to cut defense spending. Read more