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Florida Republicans Want to Speed Up Executions

The Florida legislature has passed a package of criminal justice reforms that include provisions to speed up the execution of those on death row. Gov. Rick Scott is almost certain to sign the bill. And one Republican callously declared that it’s “not about guilt or innocence.” Read more

Maryland to Eliminate the Death Penalty

Maryland is poised to become the 18th state to outlaw the death penalty after the state legislature voted by a strong margin to do so. The governor says he will sign the bill, which would commute the sentences of those on death row to life in prison without parole. Read more

The Death Penalty and Democracy

The Economist’s Lexington blog has a post about democracy and the death penalty, pointing out that major strides have been made to eliminate the death penalty in many states despite strong public support of this ultimate punishment. Those achievements, then, go against public opinion: Read more

Goldberg Waxes Stupid on the Death Penalty

Jonah Goldberg has another one of his predictably trite and overly simplistic columns — that is, after all, the only thing he has to offer — about the Aurora shooter and the death penalty. He begins by beating up a rather silly straw man: Read more

How a Prosecutor Should Act

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins should be the DA in every county, or at least someone like him. Not only did he establish the first Conviction Integrity Unit in the country to look at wrongful convictions by his office, he’s now asking that an execution be delayed so they can get the results of DNA testing back: Read more