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Paul, Booker Push Criminal Justice Reform

I’ve complained for years that Congress never tries to do anything to fix our unbelievably broken criminal justice system, mostly because there’s no moneyed constituency to pay them to do it. Rand Paul and Corey Booker are teaming up in the Senate with legislation that would at least be a tiny step in the right direction. Read more

Racist Defendant Refuses Black Public Defender

A racist asshole who is charged with stabbing an elderly man several times told a judge at his arraignment that he didn’t want a “negro” public defender. In fact, he doesn’t want any attorney at all because attorneys are apparently evil. Especially black ones. Read more

Durham Police Lie to Violate 4th Amendment

In Durham, North Carolina several police officers have been caught lying to people in order to gain illegal entry to search their homes. They’ve been telling people that they got a 911 call that never took place in order to get consent to search their homes. Read more

Florida Town Had KKK Members on Police Force

This story is frightening. The town of Fruitland Park, Florida had two KKK members as part of their 13-member police department, including the deputy chief of police. The FBI identified them and notified the city and both of them very quickly resigned their positions. Read more

Utah Man Wanted to Spark a Civil War

There are many on the far right fringe who rant about the inevitable civil war to come (or the inevitable “race war” in some formulations) and more than a few of them are keen to light the fuse themselves. A Utah man has been arrested for trying to do exactly that. Read more