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Perkins Links Citizens United to Sudanese Barbarism

Tony Perkins had Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas on his radio show this week and he made the absolutely bizarre argument that the death sentence of a Christian Sudanese woman is related to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United. See if you can follow this logic: Read more

Chamber of Commerce Demands Immigration Reform

There are many divisions within the Republican party right now, but one of the biggest is the division between the pro-business types and those trying to appeal to their largely xenophobic, anti-immigrant base. The Chamber of Commerce seems to be throwing down the gauntlet on the issue. Read more

Adelson Spending Huge at State Level Too

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson spent almost a hundred million dollars in the last presidential election, much of it to help Newt Gingrich, but he’s now very busy funding politicians at the state level as well in order to achieve his goal of banning all online gambling in the United States. Read more

Abramoff: SCOTUS Doesn’t Understand How Money Corrupts

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s latest blow to any limits on campaign financing in this country, convicted felon and former lobbyist Jack Abramoff says the justices are naive and do not understand how the influence of big money corrupts our political system. Read more

Public Opinion Matters Far Less Than Wealth

A new study confirms what anyone who has been paying attention has always known, that the views of wealthy people and powerful interest groups matters far more in influencing public policy than public opinion, even when voters are strongly in favor of a particular policy choice. Read more