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Koch Brothers Political Ads Highly Dishonest

PolitiFact has done an analysis of more than a dozen ads put out in various campaigns by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers’ third-party organization that spends tens of millions of dollars to influence elections all over the country. Surprise, surprise, they conclude that those ads are highly dishonest. Read more

Gov. Scott Walker Under Criminal Investigation

Well this is a very interesting development, but hardly surprising. Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is under investigation for a “criminal scheme” to get around campaign finance laws by coordinating his campaign with third-party groups pouring dark money into his race. Read more

RGA Illegally Sends Adelson Money to Corbett

The Republican Governors Association illegally sent nearly a million dollars from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to a PAC for Gov. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, who is floundering in his bid for reelection. It’s illegal because Adelson is an owner in a casino in that state. Read more

Scott Brown’s Mysterious Corporate Benefactor

The Boston Globe has a fascinating article about Global Digital Solutions Inc. (GDSI), a mysterious company that named Scott Brown to their board of advisers last year and gave him more than a million dollars in stock options in the company. But the company doesn’t actually seem to do anything. Read more

A Bigger Dinesh D’Souza Crime

Dinesh D’Souza pleaded guilty recently to charges that he violated federal campaign finance laws by having other people launder his donations to a Senate candidate. Now there’s an even bigger instance of this same thing, a Utah businessman who says he gave $50,000 to others to donate to Sen. Mike Lee’s campaign. Read more