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Louisiana Refuses to Repeal Unconstitutional Sodomy Law

In 2003, the Supreme Court overturned all state anti-sodomy laws in Lawrence v Texas, making them unenforceable. But the Louisiana state legislature is insisting by a better than 2-1 margin that they keep their law on the books anyway because…well, who the hell knows why. Read more

The IRS May Be a Bit Out of Control

No one likes the IRS, but this appalling and infuriating story is likely to make you like that agency even less. They’re now withholding tax refund checks from people whose long-dead parents had federal debts from decades ago, and we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars. Read more

Indiana Court: Police Testimony Trumps Video

In an age where it has become absolutely routine to have video evidence that shows police officers to be lying in their reports and testimony, the Indiana Supreme Court is coming down firmly on the side of “who are you gonna believe, the cop or your lying eyes?” Read more

The TSA’s Penchant for Theft

A TSA agent named Pythias Brown was convicted of stealing $800,000 from passengers at Newark International Airport over the course of many years and he says this sort of thing is quite routine from TSA agents around the country. In fact, look at this staggering statistic: Read more

How to Put a Stop to Stop and Frisk

Christopher Smith is a white law professor with a black son who goes to Harvard. When his son was doing an internship on Wall Street for a summer he was stopped repeatedly by the police as part of their Stop and Frisk program. His father writes a powerful essay about it. Read more