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Billionaire Brothers Want a Theocracy

Peter Montgomery has a story about Farris and Dan Wilks, a sort of theocratic version of the Koch brothers (who aren’t all that interested in religious matters), who made their fortune in fracking and are using it to support a broadly dominionist agenda. Read more

Michael Egnor Doesn’t Understand Analogy

This is a few months old but I just happened across it. It comes from Michael Egnor, the creationist neurosurgeon prone to saying monumentally stupid things. And it appears that he has no idea what irony means or how analogies work as he attempts to respond to a post I wrote about Poland prosecuting a singer for offending religious sensibilities. He begins: Read more

Consent Decree Approved in Appalling Church/State Case

You may remember a few months ago the story of a young student in the Sabine Parish School District in Louisiana who was ridiculed by a teacher for being a Buddhist. The family filed suit with the help of the ACLU and they have now reached a consent decree to settle the case that forbids the school from allowing such obvious violations. Read more

WTF, Atlanta Public Schools?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a disturbing article about a science teacher at Grady High School in Atlanta using that infamous “creationism vs evolution” cartoon from the Institute for Creation Research museum, the one that ascribes evolution to Satan, during a classroom lecture. This one: Read more

RFRA Should Be Declared Unconstitutional

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed in 1993 by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by President Clinton. The Supreme Court then struck down part of it, the part that applied to state and local actions, but upheld its application in federal law. In that case, City of Boerne v Flores, Justice John Paul Stevens wrote a concurrence that said this: Read more