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MN Law Would Recognize Secular Celebrants

A new bill has been introduced in the Minnesota state legislature that would allow secular celebrants to officiate weddings and sign marriage certificates, which would be a bit step forward for diminishing religious privilege and advancing equal rights for the non-religious. Read more

Christian Fliers Distributed in Dearborn

Dearborn is a predominantly Muslim city outside Detroit and some parents there are upset that a local church was allowed to distribute a flier for an Easter celebration for kids, calling it a violation of the separation of church and state. Read more

Appeals Court Issues Weird Church/State Ruling

I agree completely with Hemant on the appeals court decision in the case involving the Bronx Household of Faith and its attempt to rent public school facilities during non-school hours. I’m a little astonished at the hair splitting the court is doing to deny their right to do so. Here’s what the NYC public school policy says: Read more

AHA Files Contempt Motion in Prayer Case

The American Humanist Association has filed a contempt motion against the Carroll County, MD Board of Commissioners after they explicitly defied a federal court injunction for a second time. I already wrote about the commissioner who read a fake George Washington prayer after the injunction was issued, but then they brought in someone else to say a prayer that intentionally defied the court order. Read more

FBB Supports Baptist Organization

The Foundation Beyond Belief, for whom I am the media relations coordinator, has chosen the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty as the recipient of its 2nd quarter 2014 Challenge the Gap grant. A humanist foundation supporting a Baptist group? Yep. And for good reason. Read more