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Warren Mayor Compares Atheists to Nazis, KKK

Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren, Michigan, which is currently being sued because he refuses to allow a reason station along with a Christian prayer station at city hall, responded to that lawsuit by comparing atheists to Nazis and the KKK. Read more

Another Church/State Lawsuit in Warren, Michigan

The last few years have seen several battles over church/state separation in Warren, Michigan, where the mayor could hardly be more obvious in wanting his office to give official endorsement to Christianity and keep atheists from having equal access to the public square. AU, the ACLU and FFRF have filed another lawsuit. Read more

Charisma Mag Loves Ban on Atheists Holding Office

Gina Meeks, the assistant editor of Charisma magazine, has an article noting that 8 states currently have bans on atheists holding public office. In promoting the story, the magazine calls those laws “good news for a Judeo-Christian America.” Read more

Hobby Lobby Bible Curriculum Delayed

Here’s a bit of good news on the Hobby Lobby front. The Bible curriculum that the Green family has spent a fortune developing, which was supposed to debut in one Oklahoma school district this fall, is being delayed due to “unforeseen delays” of some very vague type. Read more

Hewett Church/State Case Will Continue

A lawsuit filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State on behalf of Army veteran Steven Hewett against his home town of King, North Carolina, over the flying of a Christian flag over a war memorial will go to trial. The judge in the case rejected motions for summary judgment because of genuine questions of both fact and law. Read more